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Manual of Macroscopic Anatomy (マクロ解剖実習マニュアル )
Index Service of Anatomy (マクロ検索サービス)
Online Exercise of Histology(組織学実習手引)
Manual of Brain Anatomy (脳実習手引)
Clickable Visual Index for Histology Lab-Work
UNIX Network Club HomePage
MDProject(Medical Database Project)
Body Donation for Medical Education and Research
(HTML in Japanese)
Medical Book Review (医学図書目録) State Exam. Data (医師国家試験問題)
Library of Medicine in Sapmed
Biomedical Museum in Sapmed
Yet Another Sapmed Server (In Japanese)

Medical and Biological Databeses
Other Medical resources

Experimental Service
JCRN [Japan Committee for Research Networks]
JAA [Japanese Association of Anatomists]
Hokkaido Government
Hokkaido Education Board
IHJ(Internet Hospital Japan)

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