Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 10: Two Typical Spinal Nerves: Their Origin, Branches and Connections to the Sympathetic Trunk 
    Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal|Կ(庬) Ganglion (Ganglia), sympathetic|򴶿 Ganglion (Ganglia), sympathetic trunk|򴶿д Nerve(s), cutaneous, anterior|Ͼֿ Nerve(s), cutaneous, dorsal, lateral|()¦­ Nerve(s), cutaneous, lateral|ϾֿФγ¦ Nerve(s), spinal|Կ Nerve(s), spinal, lateral branch|Կи޳¦ Nerve(s), spinal, medial branch|Կи޳¦ Nerve(s), spinal, meningeal branches| Nerve(s), spinal, ramus of, anterior|Կ Nerve(s), spinal, ramus of, dorsal|Կи Nerve(s), spinal, ramus of, posterior|Կи Nerve(s), spinal, ramus communicans|򴶿дȤθ̻ Nerve(s), spinal, root of, dorsal|ԿФθ庬 Nerve(s), spinal, root of, dorsal, dorsal root, ganglion|()庬ᡢ()Կ Nerve(s), spinal, root of, ventral|ԿФ Nerve(s), splanchnic, greater|¢ Nerve(s), splanchnic, greater, root of| Ramus (Rami), of spinal nerve, anterior ramus|Կ Ramus (Rami), of spinal nerve, dorsal ramus|Կи Ramus (Rami), of spinal nerve, posterior ramus|Կи Rami communicantes|̻ Root(s), dorsal, of spinal nerve|ԿФθ庬 Root(s), of splanchnic nerve, greater|¡Фκ Root(s), ventral, of spinal nerve|ԿФ Sympathetic trunk ganglia|򴶿дο Trunk, sympathetic|򴶿д
Fig. 563: The Spinal Cord and Brain of a Newborn Child(Posterior View)
    Bone(s), ilium, of newborn| Bone(s), occipital|Ƭ Brain, lobe of, medulla oblongata| Brain, of newborn|Ǿ Cauda equina| Cerebellum, of newborn| Conus medullaris| Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal|Կ(庬) Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal, cervical|ۿԿ Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal, lumbar|Կ Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal, sacral|Կ Kidney, of newborn| Medulla oblongata| Nerve(s), intercostal|Ͼֿ Nerve(s), spinal, ramus of, posterior primary|Կи Nerve(s), spinal, root of, dorsal|ԿФθ庬 Nerve(s), spinal, thoracic| Ramus (Rami), of spinal nerve, primary ramus, posterior|Կи Root(s), dorsal, of spinal nerve|ԿФθ庬 Spinal cord|Կ Spinal cord, cervical part|ۿ Spinal cord, lumbar part| Spinal cord, thoracic part|