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Fig. 107: Muscles, Synovial Sheaths and Tendons Left Wrist and Palm
    Hand|手 Hand, arteries of|手の動脈 Hand, arteries of, palmar|手掌の動脈 Hand, muscles of|手の筋 Hand, nerves of|手の神経 Hand, palm of|手掌 Hand, palm of, muscles of|訳語 Hand, palm of, tendons of|訳語 Hand, tendons and synovial, sheaths of|腱と腱鞘 Muscle(s), abductor pollicis brevis|短母指外転筋 Muscle(s), adductor pollicis|母指内転筋 Muscle(s), flexor carpi ulnaris|尺側手根屈筋 Muscle(s), lumbrical, of hand|(手の)虫様筋 Muscle(s), opponens digiti minimi, of hand|(手の)小指対立筋 Muscle(s), opponens pollicis|母対立筋 Palm, of hand|手掌 Palm, muscles of|訳語 Palm, synovial sheaths of|手掌の滑液鞘 Palm, tendons of|手掌の腱 Retinaculum, flexor, of hand|(手の)屈筋支帯 Tendon(s), of abductor pollicis longus muscle|長母指外転筋の腱 Tendon(s), of palm|手掌の腱 Tendon(s), of wrist|手くびの腱 Tendon sheath(s), of flexor pollicis longus muscle|長母指屈筋の滑液鞘 Tendon sheath(s), of hand|(手の)滑液鞘 Tendon sheath(s), of wrist|手くびの滑液鞘 Wrist, synovial sheaths of|手くびの滑液鞘 Wrist, tendons of|手くびの腱