Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 11: Superficial Vessels and Nerves of the Ventral Trunk: Pectral Region and Anterior Abdominal Wall
    Artery (arteries), cervical, superficial|鲼ư̮ Artery (arteries), circumflex, iliac, superficial|IJư̮ Artery (arteries), epigastric, inferior|ʢư̮ Artery (arteries), epigastric, superficial|ʢư̮ Artery (arteries), epigastric, superior|ʢư̮ Artery (arteries), mammary, external|¦ ư̮ Artery (arteries), pudendal, external|ư̮ Artery (arteries), thoracic, internal|ⶻư̮ Artery (arteries), thoracic, lateral|¦ư̮ Ligament(s), inguinal|ͷ¿ Ligament(s), umbilical, medial|¦ Lymph nodes, sternal|˵ Muscle(s), pyramidalis|ζ Muscle(s), rectus abdominis|ʢľ Nerve(s), cutaneous, anterior|Ͼֿ Nerve(s), cutaneous, femoral, anterior|ܿ Nerve(s), cutaneous, lateral|ϾֿФγ¦ Nerve(s), genitofemoral|ܿ Nerve(s), iliohypogastric|IJʢ Nerve(s), ilioinguinal|IJͷ¿ Nerve(s), intercostal|Ͼֿ Nerve(s), supraclavicular| Trunk, of body, superficial vessels and nerves of|δ鲼ηɡ Vein(s), cephalic|¦̮ Vein(s), cervical, superficial| Vein(s), circumflex, iliac, superficial|IJ̮ Vein(s), epigastric, inferior|ʢ̮ Vein(s), epigastric, superior|ʢ̮ Vein(s), mammary, external|() ̮ Vein(s), paraumbilical|̮ Vein(s), saphenous, great|̮ Vein(s), superficial, of trunk, ventral|δ̤̮ Vein(s), thoracic, internal|ⶻ̮ Vein(s), thoracoepigastric|ʢ̮