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Fig. 14: Lateral Aspect of the Upper Right Thoracic Wall and the Superficial Axillary Structures
    Artery (arteries), thoracic, lateral|外側胸動脈 Artery (arteries), thoracodorsal|胸背動脈 Axilla|腋窩 Lymph nodes, axillary|腋窩リンパ節 Muscle(s), biceps brachii|上腕二頭筋 Muscle(s), coracobrachialis|烏口(うこう)腕筋 Muscle(s), deltoid|三角筋 Muscle(s), external oblique|外腹斜筋 Muscle(s), latissimus dorsi|広背筋 Muscle(s), oblique, external|外腹斜筋 Muscle(s), oblique, inferior|下斜筋《外眼筋》 Muscle(s), pectoralis major|大胸筋 Muscle(s), pectoralis minor|小胸筋 Muscle(s), serratus anterior|前鋸筋 Muscle(s), triceps|上腕三頭筋 Nerve(s), cutaneous, antebrachial, medial|内側前腕皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, brachial, anterior|前上腕皮神経(内側前腕皮神経の枝) Nerve(s), cutaneous, brachial, medial|内側上腕皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, lateral|肋間神経の外側皮枝 Nerve(s), intercostobrachial|肋間上腕皮神経 Nerve(s), median|正中神経 Nerve(s), median, lateral cord contribution to|腕神経叢の外側神経束 Nerve(s), musculocutaneous|筋皮神経 Nerve(s), thoracic|胸神経 Nerve(s), thoracic, cutaneous branch of, lateral|肋間神経外側皮枝 Nerve(s), thoracic, long|長胸神経 《胸神経枝ではない》 Nerve(s), ulnar|尺骨神経 Sheath(s), of rectus abdominis muscle, anterior layer|前葉 Thorax, aspect of, lateral|訳語 Vein(s), axillary|腋窩静脈 Vein(s), basilic|尺側皮静脈 Vein(s), cephalic|橈側皮静脈 Vein(s), circumflex, scapular|肩甲回旋静脈 Vein(s), thoracoepigastric|胸腹壁静脈