Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 152: The Thoracic Viscera and the Root of the Neck, Anterior Exposure
    Artery (arteries), carotid, common, left|ư̮ Artery (arteries), thyroid, superior|þư̮ Bone(s), clavicle| Bone(s), rib(s), 1st| Cartilage(s), thyroid|þ Cavity, pleural| Diaphragm| Fascia(e), cervical|۶ Gland(s), thymus| Gland(s), thyroid|þ Gland(s), thyroid, lobe of, pyramidal|þο Lingula, of lung (left)| Lung(s)| Lung(s), cardiac notch of|٤οں Lung(s), left| Lung(s), left, lobe of, lower| Lung(s), left, lobe of, upper| Lung(s), lingula of| Lung(s), margin of, anterior|٤ Lung(s), margin of, inferior, left lung|٤β Lung(s), right| Lung(s), right, lobe of, lower| Lung(s), right, lobe of, middle| Lung(s), right, lobe of, upper| Muscle(s), cricothyroid|ؾþ Muscle(s), external oblique|ʢж Muscle(s), oblique, external|ʢж Muscle(s), omohyoid, belly of, superior|ʢ Muscle(s), pectoralis major|綻 Muscle(s), pectoralis minor| Muscle(s), rectus abdominis|ʢľ Muscle(s), scalenus anterior|гѶ Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|Ͷ Muscle(s), sternohyoid| Muscle(s), sternothyroid|þ Muscle(s), subclavius| Muscle(s), thyrohyoid|þ Muscle(s), transversus thoracis| Neck, root of|ۤΤĤ͡Է۶ܹ Nerve(s), phrenic|ֿ Pericardium, parietal|¦ Pleura, diaphragmatic|(ʤ) Pleura, parietal|¦ Pleura, recess of, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Pleura, recess of, costomediastinal|Ͼijƶ Pleural, cavity| Plexus, carotid|ư̮ Plexus, venous (plexus), thyroid| Recess, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Recess, costomediastinal|Ͼijƶ Thorax, viscera of|¢ Thymus gland| Vein(s), brachiocephalic, left|Ƭ̮ Vein(s), brachiocephalic, right| Vein(s), jugular, internal|̮ Vein(s), thoracic, internal|ⶻ̮ Vein(s), thyroid, inferior|þ̮ Vein(s), thyroid, superior|þ̮ Vessels, thoracic, internal|ⶻư̮
Fig. 155: Right Lateral View Pleural Reflections(blue) and Lungs(red) Projected onto Thoracic Wall
    Cupula, of pleura, cervical|ĺ Fascia(e), cervical|۶ Lung(s)| Lung(s), projected onto thoracic wall, anterior view|٤ɤؤ Lung(s), right, lobe of, lower| Lung(s), right, lobe of, middle| Lung(s), right, lobe of, upper| Pleura| Pleura, cupula of|ĺ Pleura, recess of, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Recess, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Thorax, skeleton of|ԤιʡԶζԡ
Fig. 604: Muscles of Facial Expression and the Superficial Posterior Cervical Muscles
    Artery (arteries), temporal, superficial|¦Ƭư̮ Eyebrow| Facial expression, muscles of|ɽ Fascia(e), cervical|۶ Fascia(e), parotid| Fat pad, buccal|˻ Galea aponeurotica|˹ Muscle(s), auricular, posterior|弪 Muscle(s), depressor anguli oris|Ѳ Muscle(s), depressor labii inferioris| Muscle(s), depressor supercilii|() Muscle(s), facial, superficial|̶ɽ Muscle(s), facial expression, muscles of|ɽ Muscle(s), levator labii superioris|忰 Muscle(s), levator labii superioris alaeque nasi|忰ɡ Muscle(s), mentalis|ȥ Muscle(s), nasalis|ɡ Muscle(s), occipitofrontalis|ƬƬ Muscle(s), orbicularis oculi|ض Muscle(s), orbicularis oris|ض Muscle(s), platysma|۶ Muscle(s), procerus|ɡ Muscle(s), risorius|ж Muscle(s), semispinalis capitis|ƬȾ Muscle(s), splenius capitis|Ƭľ Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|Ͷ Muscle(s), temporoparietalis|¦ƬƬĺ Muscle(s), trapezius|˹ Muscle(s), zygomaticus major|˹ Muscle(s), zygomaticus minor|˹ Vein(s), temporal, superficial|¦Ƭ̮
Fig. 722: Paramedian Sagittal View of the Face and Neck
    Atlas, ligament of, transverse|Dz Bone(s), hyoid| Bone(s), hyoid, horn of, greater| Bone(s), hyoid, horn of, lesser| Bone(s), mandible|ܹ Bone(s), mandible, ramus of|ܻ Bone(s), nasal|ɡ Bone(s), temporal, process of, styloid|Ծ͵ Cartilage(s), of nose, at apex of| Cartilage(s), of nose, lateral| Caruncle, sublingual|岼 Dura mater, of vertebral canal|ɤι Epiglottis, cartilage of|Ƭ Falx cerebri|Ǿ Fascia(e), cervical|۶ Fossa, hypophyseal| Gland(s), labial| Gland(s), palatine| Gland(s), sebaceous| Gland(s), sublingual|岼 Hamulus, pterygoid|ͳ Joint(s), atlantoaxial|ļ Ligament(s), apical, of dens| Ligament(s), sphenomandibular|ijܿ Ligament(s), stylohyoid| Ligament(s), stylomandibular|Ͳܿ Ligament(s), transverse, of atlas| Membrane, arachnoid, anterior|ǸƬ Membrane, thyrohyoid|þ Mucous membrane, of nasal septum|ɡ֤Ǵ Muscle(s), buccinator|˶ Muscle(s), digastric|ʢ Muscle(s), genioglossus|ȥ Muscle(s), geniohyoid|ȥ Muscle(s), hyoglossus| Muscle(s), levator veli palatini| Muscle(s), longus capitis|ƬĹ Muscle(s), mylohyoid| Muscle(s), omohyoid| Muscle(s), orbicularis oris|ض Muscle(s), procerus|ɡ Muscle(s), pterygoid, lateral|¦Ͷ Muscle(s), pterygoid, medial|¦Ͷ Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|Ͷ Muscle(s), sternohyoid| Muscle(s), styloglossus| Muscle(s), stylohyoid| Muscle(s), stylopharyngeus|ͰƬ Muscle(s), thyrohyoid|þ Nerve(s), cervical, openings for| Palate, glands of| Palate, hard|Ÿ Pterygoid plate|͵㦦 Ramus (Rami), of mandible|ܻ Raphe, pterygomandibular|Ͳ˥ Sinus(es), frontal|Ƭƶ ɡС Sinus(es), sphenoid|ijƶ ɡС Tendon(s), of tensor veli palatini muscle|ĥڤ Tentorium cerebelli|Ǿƥ Tonsil(s), pharyngeal|Ƭ٨ Tooth(Teeth)| Torus tubarius|δ Vibrissae|ɡ