Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 180: The Opened Right Atrium in a 310 mm Human Fetus
    Foramen ovale|߹ Foramen ovale, remainder of| Heart, of fetus, right atrium of| Heart, valves of|¡ Heart, veins of|̮ Also Opening(s), coronary sinus, opening of|ư̮ƶγ Septum (Septa), interatrial| Septum (Septa), placental, primum| Septum (Septa), placental, secundum| Sinus(es), coronary|̮ƶ Sinus(es), coronary, orifice of| Sinus(es), coronary, valve of| Valve(s), atrioventricular, right (tricuspid)|˼ ) Valve(s), of coronary sinus|̮ƶ Valve(s), of inferior vena cava|̮ Vena cava, inferior|̮ Vena cava, superior|̮
Fig. 193: THe Venous Drainage of the Ventricles: The Coronary Sinus
    Heart, veins of|̮ Also Opening(s), coronary sinus, opening of|ư̮ƶγ Sinus(es), coronary|̮ƶ Vein(s), brachiocephalic, left|Ƭ̮ Vein(s), cardiac, great|翴̮ Vein(s), cardiac, middle|濴̮ Vein(s), ventricular, posterior (of heart)|̤̮
Fig. 215: A Frontal Section of the Thorax and Abdomen from Behind(Dorsal View)
    Abdomen|ʢ Abdomen, section of, frontal|ʢƬ Aorta, abdominal|ʢư̮ Aorta, arch of|ư̮ Artery (arteries), coronary, left|ư̮ Artery (arteries), pulmonary|ư̮ Artery (arteries), subclavian, left|ư̮ Atrioventricular opening|˼ Atrium, left|˼ Auricle, left| Bifurcation, tracheal|ʬ Cavity, pericardial| Cavity, peritoneal|ʢ Colon, transverse|ԷIJ Crus (Crura), of diaphragm| Cupula, of pleura, cervical|ĺ Diaphragm| Diaphragm, crus of| Diaphragm, tendon of, central|濴 Disc, intervertebral|Ǵֱ Esophagus|ƻ Esophagus, part of, abdominal|ʢƻ Fissure, horizontal, right lung|٤οʿ Fissure, oblique, lung, right|٤μ Heart, veins of|̮ Also Intestine, small|IJ Kidney|¡ Liver| Lung(s)| Lung(s), left| Lung(s), left, interlobar fissure of, oblique|(մ֤) Lung(s), left, lobe of, upper| Lung(s), margin of, inferior, left lung|٤β Lung(s), right| Lung(s), right, interlobar fissure of, horizontal|(մ֤)ʿ Lung(s), right, interlobar fissure of, oblique|(մ֤) Lung(s), right, lobe of, lower| Lung(s), right, lobe of, middle| Lung(s), right, lobe of, upper| Lymph nodes, bronchopulmonary|ᡢɻ٥ Muscle(s), psoas major| Muscle(s), psoas minor| Opening(s), atrioventricular|˼ Opening(s), coronary sinus, opening of|ư̮ƶγ Pancreas|¡ Pericardial cavity| Pericardium| Peritoneal cavity|ʢ Pleura, cupula of|ĺ Pleura, costal|Ͼ(ʤ) Pleura, diaphragmatic|(ʤ) Pleura, recess of, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Pleura, visceral|¡¦ Recess, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Sinus(es), coronary|̮ƶ Stomach| Stomach, serous layer of|ߤ Stomach, wall of, layers of| Tendon(s), central, of diaphragm|濴 Thorax, section of, frontal|Ƭ Trachea, bifurcation of|ʬ Valve(s), atrioventricular, left (bicuspid, mitral)|˼ ۡ˹) Vein(s), azygos|̮ Vein(s), hepatic|Τ̮ Vein(s), pulmonary, left| Vena cava, inferior|̮ Ventricle, of heart, left| Vertebra(e), body of| Vertebra(e), thoracic|