Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[浩浮瑚]      [LAMeN ホ〖ムペ〖ジ]
Fig. 180: The Opened Right Atrium in a 310 mm Human Fetus
    Foramen ovale|婉边功 Foramen ovale, remainder of|条胳 Heart, of fetus, right atrium of|条胳 Heart, valves of|看隆の售 Heart, veins of|揣琅坍 ˉAlso Opening(s), coronary sinus, opening of|揣觉瓢坍贫の倡庚 Septum (Septa), interatrial|条胳 Septum (Septa), placental, primum|条胳 Septum (Septa), placental, secundum|条胳 Sinus(es), coronary|揣觉琅坍贫 Sinus(es), coronary, orifice of|条胳 Sinus(es), coronary, valve of|条胳 Valve(s), atrioventricular, right (tricuspid)|宝思技售 话理售) Valve(s), of coronary sinus|揣觉琅坍贫售 Valve(s), of inferior vena cava|布络琅坍の售 Vena cava, inferior|布络琅坍 Vena cava, superior|惧络琅坍