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Fig. 217: The Relationship or the Esophagus to the Aorta and Trachea, Viewed from Right Side
    Aorta, arch of|大動脈弓 Aorta, thoracic|胸大動脈 Artery (arteries), brachiocephalic|腕頭動脈 Artery (arteries), carotid, common, left|左総頚動脈 Artery (arteries), carotid, common, right|右総頚動脈 Artery (arteries), intercostal|肋間動脈 Artery (arteries), subclavian, right|右鎖骨下動脈 Bone(s), hyoid|舌骨 Bronchus (Bronchi), primary, right|右 Cartilage(s), thyroid, lamina of|訳語 Cartilage(s), tracheal|気管軟骨 Esophagus|食道 Esophagus, part of, cervical|頚部食道 Esophagus, part of, thoracic|胸部食道 Gland(s), thyroid|甲状腺 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Ligamentum arteriosum|動脈管索、ボタロ管索 Membrane, thyrohyoid|甲状舌骨膜 Muscle(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状筋 Muscle(s), of pharynx|咽頭の筋 Muscle(s), pharyngeal constrictor, inferior|下咽頭収縮筋 Nerve(s), laryngeal, superior, internal branch|内枝
Fig. 574: External Features of the Neck Shown in Relation to Underlying Skeletal and Visceral Structures
    Acromion|扁峰 Angle, of mandible|下顎角 Angle, submental|オトガイ下角 Bone(s), clavicle|鎖骨 Bone(s), hyoid, body of|舌骨体 Bone(s), mandible, angle of|下顎角 Bone(s), mandible, body of|下顎体 Bone(s), mandible, process of, condyloid|関節突起 Bone(s), rib(s), 1st|訳語 Bone(s), rib(s), 2nd|訳語 Bone(s), scapula, acromion of|肩峰 Bone(s), scapula, fossa of, supraspinatus|棘上窩(きょくじょうか) Bone(s), scapula, process of, coracoid|烏口(うこう)突起 Bone(s), temporal, process of, mastoid|乳様突起 Bone(s), temporal, process of, styloid|茎状突起 Cartilage(s), cricoid|輪状軟骨 Esophagus|食道 Fossa, retromandibular|(非)下顎後窩 Fossa, submandibular|訳語 Fossa, supraclavicular|(大)鎖骨上窩 Fossa, supraspinatus, of scapula|(肩甲骨の)棘上窩 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Gnathion|訳語 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Line, Reid's base|頭部の基準線 Mastoid process, of temporal bone|訳語 Mental tubercle|訳語 Muscle(s), nuchal|項(うなじ)の筋 Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|胸鎖乳突筋 Neck|頚(くび) Neck, features of, external|頚部の外景 Occipital protuberance, external|外後頭隆起 Prominence, laryngeal|喉頭隆起 Protuberance, occipital, external|訳語 Triangle(s), carotid|頚動脈三角 Tubercle, carotid|頚動脈結節 Tubercle, mental|オトガイ結節 Vein(s), facial|顔面静脈 Vein(s), facial, transverse|顔面横静脈 Vertebra prominens|隆椎
Fig. 585: Veins of the Neck and Infraclavicular Region
    Ansa cervicalis|頚神経ワナ Arch(es), jugular venous|前頚静脈弓 Artery (arteries), carotid, common|総頚動脈 Artery (arteries), facial|顔面動脈 Artery (arteries), thoracic, internal|内胸動脈 Bulla ethmoidalis|篩骨胞 Gland(s), parotid|耳下腺 Gland(s), submandibular|顎下腺 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Laryngeal prominence|喉頭隆起 Muscle(s), digastric, anterior belly of|前腹 Muscle(s), hyoglossus|舌骨舌筋 Muscle(s), mylohyoid|顎舌骨筋 Muscle(s), omohyoid|肩甲舌骨筋 Muscle(s), omohyoid, belly of, inferior|下腹 Muscle(s), pectoralis major|大胸筋 Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|胸鎖乳突筋 Muscle(s), stylohyoid|茎突舌骨筋 Muscle(s), trapezius|僧帽筋 Neck|頚(くび) Neck, veins of|頚部の静脈 Nerve(s), cutaneous, intercostal, anterior|肋間神経の前皮枝 Nerve(s), hypoglossal|舌下神経 Prominence, laryngeal|喉頭隆起 Vein(s), axillary|腋窩静脈 Vein(s), cephalic|橈側皮静脈 Vein(s), cervical, superficial|訳語 Vein(s), cervical, transverse|頚横静脈 Vein(s), facial|顔面静脈 Vein(s), jugular, anterior|前頚静脈 Vein(s), jugular, external|外頚静脈 Vein(s), jugular, internal|内頚静脈 Vein(s), occipital|後頭静脈 Vein(s), of neck|頚部の静脈 Vein(s), retromandibular|下顎後静脈 Vein(s), submental|オトガイ下静脈 Vein(s), thoracic, internal|内胸静脈 Vein(s), thoracoacromial|胸肩峰静脈 Vein(s), thyroid, inferior|下甲状腺静脈 Vein(s), thyroid, superior|上甲状腺静脈 Vessels, thoracic, internal|内胸動静脈
Fig. 589: Ventral View of Thyroid Gland Showing Relation to Larynx and Trachea
    Bone(s), hyoid, body of|舌骨体 Bone(s), hyoid, horn of, greater|舌骨大角 Bone(s), hyoid, horn of, lesser|舌骨小角 Cartilage(s), thyroid, horn of, superior|上角 Gland(s), thyroid|甲状腺 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Ligament(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状靭帯 Muscle(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状筋 Prominence, laryngeal|喉頭隆起 Trachea|気管
Fig. 591: Cross Section of Cervical Viscera Showing Relation of Thyroid Gland to Trachea, Esophagus, Parathyroid Glands and Cervical Vessels
    Ansa cervicalis|頚神経ワナ Artery (arteries), carotid, common|総頚動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, inferior|下甲状腺動脈 Artery (arteries), vertebral|椎骨動脈 Capsule, of thyroid|甲状腺被膜 Cartilage(s), tracheal|気管軟骨 Esophageal-tracheal space|気管食道溝 Esophagus|食道 Fascia(e), cervical, superficial|頚筋膜の浅葉(浅頚筋膜) Fascia(e), prevertebral|頚筋膜椎前葉 Ganglion (Ganglia), stellate|星状神経節 Gland(s), parathyroid|副甲状腺 Gland(s), thyroid|甲状腺 Gland(s), thyroid, capsule of|訳語 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Gland(s), tracheal|気管腺 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Lymph nodes, jugular|訳語 Membranous wall, tracheal|気管の膜性部 Mucosa, tracheal|気管の粘膜 Muscle(s), longus colli|頚長筋 Muscle(s), platysma|広頚筋 Muscle(s), scalenus anterior|前斜角筋 Muscle(s), scalenus medius|中斜角筋 Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|胸鎖乳突筋 Muscle(s), sternohyoid|胸骨舌骨筋 Muscle(s), sternothyroid|胸骨甲状筋 Neck|頚(くび) Nerve(s), cardiac, cervical, superior|上(頚)心臓神経 Nerve(s), laryngeal, recurrent|反回神経 Nerve(s), laryngeal, recurrent, left|訳語 Nerve(s), vagus|迷走神経 Nerve(s), vagus, left|訳語 Perithyroid space|訳語 Plexus, venous (plexus), thyroid|訳語 Space(s), esophagotracheal|気管食道溝 Space(s), perithyroid|訳語 Space(s), prevertebral|椎前隙 、(臨)咽頭後隙 Trachea, glands of|訳語 Trachea, muscosa of|訳語 Trachea, wall of, membranous|訳語 Vein(s), jugular, anterior|前頚静脈 Vein(s), jugular, internal|内頚静脈 Vein(s), vertebral|椎骨の静脈 Vertebra(e), cervical, 7th|第7頚椎
Fig. 592: The Superficial Structures at the Root of the Neck and Thoracic Inlet, Anterior View
    Ansa cervicalis|頚神経ワナ Ansa cervicalis, root of, inferior|頚神経ワナの下根 Ansa cervicalis, root of, superior|頚神経ワナの上根 Ansa subclavia|交感神経幹の鎖骨下ワナ Artery (arteries), cervical, superficial|頚部皮下の動脈 Artery (arteries), cervical, transverse|頚横動脈 Artery (arteries), subclavian|鎖骨下動脈 Artery (arteries), suprascapular|肩甲上動脈 Artery (arteries), thoracic, internal|内胸動脈 Artery (arteries), thymic, superior|(非)上胸腺動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, inferior|下甲状腺動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, inferior, cervical branches, ascending|上行頚動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, superior|上甲状腺動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, superior, cricothyroid branch|輪状甲状枝 Artery (arteries), to sternoclavicular joint|胸鎖関節枝 Artery (arteries), vertebral|椎骨動脈 Bone(s), hyoid|舌骨 Duct(s), thoracic|胸管 Gland(s), thyroid|甲状腺 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Ligament(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状靭帯 Lymph nodes, paratracheal|気管傍リンパ節 Lymph nodes, supraclavicular|鎖骨上リンパ節 Lymph nodes, Virchow's|ウィルヒョウリンパ節 Membrane, thyrohyoid|甲状舌骨膜 Muscle(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状筋 Muscle(s), intercostal, external|外肋間筋 Muscle(s), intercostal, internal|内肋間筋 Muscle(s), levator scapulae|肩甲挙筋 Muscle(s), omohyoid|肩甲舌骨筋 Muscle(s), pectoralis major|大胸筋 Muscle(s), scalenus anterior|前斜角筋 Muscle(s), scalenus medius|中斜角筋 Muscle(s), sternohyoid|胸骨舌骨筋 Muscle(s), sternothyroid|胸骨甲状筋 Muscle(s), subclavius|鎖骨下筋 Muscle(s), thyrohyoid|甲状舌骨筋 Muscle(s), trapezius|僧帽筋 Neck|頚(くび) Neck, root of|頚のつけね《頚胸移行部》 Neck, root of, superficial structures at|浅層 Nerve(s), cervical|頚神経 Nerve(s), laryngeal, recurrent|反回神経 Nerve(s), laryngeal, recurrent, left|訳語 Nerve(s), laryngeal, superior|上喉頭神経 Nerve(s), phrenic|横隔神経 Nerve(s), phrenic, accessory|副横隔神経 Nerve(s), scapular, dorsal|肩甲背神経 Nerve(s), to omohyoid muscle|肩甲舌骨筋への神経 Nerve(s), to subclavius muscle|鎖骨下筋への神経 Nerve(s), vagus, cardiac branches|迷走神経の心臓枝 Nerve(s), vagus, cardiac branches, inferior|下心臓枝 Nerve(s), vagus, cardiac branches, middle|中心臓枝 Nerve(s), vagus, cardiac branches, superior|上心臓枝 Nerve(s), vagus, left|訳語 Nerve(s), vagus, right|右反回神経 Pleura, cervical|訳語 Thoracic inlet|胸郭上口 Trachea|気管 Trunk, lymphatic, bronchomediastinal, anterior|(非)前気管支縦隔リンパ本幹 Trunk, lymphatic, jugular|頚リンパ本幹 Trunk, lymphatic, subclavian|鎖骨下リンパ本幹 Trunk, thyrocervical|甲状頚動脈 Vein(s), brachiocephalic, left|腕頭静脈 Vein(s), brachiocephalic, right|訳語 Vein(s), cervical, superficial|訳語 Vein(s), jugular, external|外頚静脈 Vein(s), jugular, internal|内頚静脈 Vein(s), subclavian|鎖骨下静脈 Vein(s), suprascapular|肩甲上の静脈 Vein(s), thymic, superior|(非) 上胸腺静脈 Vein(s), thyroid, inferior|下甲状腺静脈 Vein(s), thyroid, middle|中甲状腺静脈 Vein(s), thyroid, superior|上甲状腺静脈 Vein(s), vertebral|椎骨の静脈
Fig. 726: The Viscera of the Head and Neck: Mid-sagittal Section
    Aorta, arch of|大動脈弓 Arch(es), jugular venous|前頚静脈弓 Arch(es), of atlas, anterior|環椎の前弓 Arch(es), of cricoid cartilage|輪状軟骨弓 Arch(es), palatopharyngeal|口蓋咽頭弓、(臨)後口蓋弓 Artery (arteries), thyroid, superior|上甲状腺動脈 Atlas, arch of, anterior|前弓 Atlas, ligament of, transverse|環椎横靭帯 Bone(s), hyoid|舌骨 Bone(s), mandible|下顎骨 Bone(s), nasal|鼻骨 Bone(s), occipital|後頭骨 Bone(s), sphenoid, body of|訳語 Bone(s), sternum, manubrium of|胸骨柄 Bone(s), vomer, ala of|鋤骨(じょこつ) Bursa(e), pharyngeal|訳語 Cartilage(s), alar, greater, of nose|大鼻翼軟骨 Cartilage(s), annular|気管軟骨 Cartilage(s), corniculate, tubercle of|小角結節 Cartilage(s), cricoid|輪状軟骨 Cartilage(s), cricoid, arch of|訳語 Cartilage(s), of epiglottis|喉頭蓋軟骨 Cartilage(s), of nose, septal|訳語 Cartilage(s), thyroid|甲状軟骨 Caruncle, sublingual|舌下小丘 Cavity, pharyngeal|咽頭腔 Dura mater|硬膜 Epidural space|硬膜上腔 Esophageal-tracheal space|気管食道溝 Esophagus|食道 Fascia(e), cervical, pretracheal layer of|頚筋膜の気管前葉 Fascia(e), cervical, prevertebral layer of|頚筋膜の椎前葉 Fascia(e), cervical, superficial|頚筋膜の浅葉(浅頚筋膜) Fat pad, laryngeal|咽頭の脂肪組織 Fold(s), pharyngoepiglottic|訳語 Fold(s), salpingopalatine|耳管口蓋ヒダ Fold(s), salpingopharyngeal|耳管咽頭ヒダ Fold(s), vestibular|非声帯 Fold(s), vocal|声帯 Foramen cecum, of tongue|舌盲孔 Gland(s), thymus|胸腺 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Head, viscera of, mid-sagittal, section|頭頚部内蔵の正中矢状断 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Joint(s), atlantoaxial|環軸関節 Larynx, ventricle of|喉頭室 Ligament(s), annular, of trachea|訳語 Ligament(s), apical, of dens|歯尖靭帯 Ligament(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状靭帯 Ligament(s), cruciform, of atlas|環椎十字靭帯 Ligament(s), hyoepiglottic|訳語 Ligament(s), interclavicular|訳語 Ligament(s), longitudinal, anterior|脊柱の前縦靭帯 Ligament(s), longitudinal, posterior|脊柱の後縦靭帯 Ligament(s), thyroepiglottic|訳語 Ligament(s), thyrohyoid, median|訳語 Ligament(s), tracheal, annular|訳語 Ligament(s), transverse, of atlas|訳語 Lymph nodes, paratracheal|気管傍リンパ節 Manubrium, of sternum|胸骨柄 Meatus, nasopharyngeal|鼻咽道 Membrane, arachnoid, anterior|前環椎後頭膜 Membranous wall, tracheal|気管の膜性部 Mucous membrane, of nasal septum|鼻中隔の粘膜 Muscle(s), arytenoid, transverse|横披裂筋 Muscle(s), genioglossus|オトガイ舌筋 Muscle(s), geniohyoid|オトガイ舌骨筋 Muscle(s), mylohyoid|顎舌骨筋 Muscle(s), sternothyroid|胸骨甲状筋 Nares|鼻翼 Nose, external, cartilages of|外耳の軟骨 Nose, septum of|鼻中隔の骨格 Nostrils|訳語 Palate, hard|硬口蓋 Palate, soft|軟口蓋 Palatopharyngeal arch|口蓋咽頭弓 Pharyngeal cavity|咽頭弓 Pharyngeal, recess|咽頭の陥凹 Pharyngoepiglottic fold|咽頭後頭蓋ヒダ Recess, pharyngeal|咽頭の陥凹 Retroesophageal space|食道後隙 Salpingopharyngeal fold|耳管咽頭ヒダ Septum (Septa), nasal|鼻中隔 Septum (Septa), nasal, cartilaginous|訳語 Sheath(s), of dura mater, for hypoglossal nerve roots|訳語 Sheath(s), of dura mater, for spinal nerve roots|訳語 Sinus(es), sphenoid|蝶形骨洞 《副鼻腔》 Space(s), epidural|硬膜上腔 Space(s), esophagotracheal|気管食道溝 Space(s), retroesophageal|食道後隙 Thymus gland|胸腺 Tongue, foramen cecum of|舌盲孔 Tonsil(s), palatine|口蓋扁桃 Tonsil(s), pharyngeal|咽頭扁桃 Torus, of levator veli palatini muscle|挙筋隆起 Torus tubarius|耳管隆起 Trachea|気管 Trachea, wall of, membranous|訳語 Trunk, brachiocephalic|腕頭動脈 Tube, auditory, openings of|耳管咽頭口 Tubercle, corniculate|小角結節 Tubercle, cuneiform|楔状結節 Vein(s), brachiocephalic, left|腕頭静脈 Vein(s), thyroid, superior|上甲状腺静脈 Vein(s), thyroid ima|最下甲状腺静脈、(正式)下甲状腺静脈 Ventricle, of larynx|喉頭室 Vocal fold|声帯
Fig. 756: Ventral View of Larynx, Tongue and Thyroid Gland: Vessels and Nerves
    Artery (arteries), carotid, common|総頚動脈 Artery (arteries), carotid, external|外頚動脈 Artery (arteries), laryngeal, superior|上喉頭動脈 Artery (arteries), lingual|舌動脈 Artery (arteries), sublingual|(非)舌下動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, inferior|下甲状腺動脈 Artery (arteries), thyroid, superior|上甲状腺動脈 Bone(s), hyoid|舌骨 Cartilage(s), thyroid|甲状軟骨 Gland(s), sublingual|舌下腺 Gland(s), thyroid|甲状腺 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Larynx|喉頭 Ligament(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状靭帯 Membrane, thyrohyoid|甲状舌骨膜 Muscle(s), cricothyroid|輪状甲状筋 Muscle(s), genioglossus|オトガイ舌筋 Muscle(s), geniohyoid|オトガイ舌骨筋 Muscle(s), hyoglossus|舌骨舌筋 Muscle(s), pharyngeal constrictor, inferior|下咽頭収縮筋 Muscle(s), styloglossus|茎突舌筋 Nerve(s), chorda tympani|鼓索神経 Nerve(s), hypoglossal|舌下神経 Nerve(s), laryngeal, internal|内枝 Nerve(s), lingual|舌神経 Nerve(s), sublingual*|舌下神経 の方がよい Plica fimbriata|采状ヒダ Tongue|舌 Trachea|気管 Vein(s), lingual|舌静脈 Vein(s), lingual, deep|舌深静脈 Vein(s), sublingual|訳語