Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 268: The Interior of the Stomach and Upper Duodenum
    Abdomen|ʢ Antrum, pyloric|ͩƶ Bile duct, common| Canal(s), gastric|δ Coat, muscular, of stomach| Coat, serous, of stomach| Duct(s), bile, common| Duct(s), pancreatic|繴 Duct(s), pancreatic, accessory|繴 Duodenal fold, longitudinal|IJĥҥ Duodenum, 1st part (superior)|() Duodenum, 2nd part (descending)|() Duodenum, 3rd part (horizontal)|軰(ʿ) Esophagus|ƻ Fold(s), duodenal, longitudinal|IJƥҥ Fold(s), gastric|ߤǴҥ Follicle(s), lymphoid|Ѿ Fundus, of stomach| Mucous membrane, of stomach|ߤǴ Muscle(s), pyloric sphincter|ͩ Muscle(s), sphincter, pyloric|ͩ Muscular coat, of stomach|ߤζ Orifice, cardiac, of stomach|ʮ Papilla(e), duodenal|IJƬ Peritoneum|ʢ Pyloric antrum|ͩƶ Pylorus|ͩ硢ͩ Ridge(s), longitudinal of stomach| Stomach, body of| Stomach, cardiac orifice of|ߤʮ Stomach, cardiac part|ߤʮ Stomach, coat of, muscular|ߤζ Stomach, curvature of, greater|ߤ׾ Stomach, curvature of, lesser|ߤξ׾ Stomach, fundus of| Stomach, interior|ߤ Stomach, serous layer of|ߤ Stomach, wall of, layers of|