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Fig. 279: Lymphatic Vessels and Nodes of the Stomach, the Porta Hepatis and Pancreas
    Abdomen|腹部 Liver|肝 Liver, lobe of, right|解剖学的肝右葉 Liver|肝 Lymph nodes, gastric, left|左胃動脈(幹)リンパ節 Lymph nodes, gastric, right|右胃動脈(幹)リンパ節 Lymph nodes, gastroepiploic, left|左胃大網リンパ節 Lymph nodes, gastroepiploic, right|右胃大網リンパ節 Lymph nodes, hepatic|肝のリンパ節 Lymph nodes, pyloric|訳語 Lymph vessels, of pancreas|訳語 Lymph vessels, of porta hepatis|訳語 Lymph vessels, of stomach|訳語 Mesosalpinx|卵管間膜 Nerve(s), of pancreas|膵臓の神経 Nerve(s), of porta hepatis|肝門の神経 Nerve(s), of stomach|胃の神経 Omentum, greater|大網 Pancreas|膵臓 Pancreas, lymphatic vessels of|訳語 Pancreas, nerves of|訳語 Porta hepatis, lymphatic vessels of|訳語 Porta hepatis, nerves of|訳語 Stomach|胃 Stomach, lymphatic vessels of|胃のリンパ管 Stomach, nerves of|胃の神経 Vessels, lymphatic, of pancreas|膵のリンパ管 Vessels, lymphatic, of porta hepatis|肝門のリンパ管 Vessels, lymphatic, of stomach|胃のリンパ管