Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 282: Posterior(Visceral) Surface of Liver and the Gall Bladder 
    Abdomen|腹部 Appendix fibrosa hepatis|肝の線維付属 Gall bladder|胆嚢 Joint(s), hip, anterior view|訳語 Ligament(s), coronary, of liver|肝の冠状靭帯 Ligament(s), of inferior vena cava|訳語 Ligament(s), round, of liver|肝円索 Ligamentum venosum|静脈管索 Liver, bare area of|肝無漿膜野 Liver, bare area of, colic impression on|右結腸曲による肝表面の圧痕 Liver, impression of, colic|肝の右結腸曲による圧痕 Liver, impression of, duodenal|肝の十二指腸による圧痕 Liver, impression of, esophageal|肝の食道による圧痕 Liver, impression of, gastric|肝の胃による圧痕 Liver, impression of, renal|肝の右腎による圧痕 Liver, impression of, suprarenal|肝の右副腎による圧痕 Liver, ligament of, coronary|肝冠状間膜 Liver, ligament of, round|肝円索 Liver, lobe of, caudate|肝の尾状葉 Liver, lobe of, left|解剖学的肝左葉 Liver, lobe of, quadrate|肝方形葉 Liver, lobe of, right|解剖学的肝右葉 Liver, surface of, diaphragmatic|肝の横隔面 Liver, surface of, posterior|肝の後面 Liver, surface of, visceral|肝の臓側面 Vena cava, inferior|下大静脈
Fig. 283: Variations in the Union of the Cystic and Common Bile Ducts
    Abdomen|腹部 Bile duct, common|総胆管 Duct(s), bile, common|総胆管 Duct(s), bile, and cystic, union of and variations in|胆管、胆膵管合流部の変異 Duct(s), cystic|胆嚢管 Duct(s), cystic, and common bile, union of and variations in|訳語 Duct(s), hepatic, common|総肝管 Duodenum|十二指腸 Gall bladder|胆嚢 Ligament(s), hepatoduodenal|肝十二指腸間膜 Liver, surface of, visceral|肝の臓側面 Papilla(e), duodenal|十二指腸乳頭