Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 284: The Gall Bladder and Biliary Duct System  
    Abdomen|ʢ Bile duct, common| Coat, muscular, of gall bladder| Coat, serous, of gall bladder| Duct(s), bile, common| Duct(s), hepatic, common|δ Duct(s), of Wirsung|륺󥰴(繴) Duct(s), pancreatic|繴 Duct(s), pancreatic, orifice of|繴ɤγ Duodenal fold, circular|IJؾҥ Duodenal fold, longitudinal|IJĥҥ Fold(s), duodenal, circular|IJؾҥ Fold(s), duodenal, longitudinal|IJƥҥ Fold(s), of mucous membrane, of gall bladder|ǹǴΥҥ Fold(s), spiral, of cystic duct|ǹΥ饻ҥ Fundus, of gall bladder|ǹ Gall bladder, biliary duct system and|ƻ Gall bladder, body of|ǹ Gall bladder, coat of, muscular| Gall bladder, coat of, serous| Gall bladder, fundus of|ǹ Gall bladder, neck of|ǹ Gland(s), mucous, in bile ducts| Lymph nodes, duodenal|IJΥ Mucous membrane, of gall bladder|ǹǴ Opening(s), pancreatic duct, opening of|繴ɤγ Papilla(e), duodenal|IJƬ