Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 299: Transverse Section Through the Upper Abdominal at the Level of the Tenth Thoracic Vertebra
    Abdomen|ʢ Abdomen, section of, transverse, at T-10|10ǥ٥β Aorta, descending|ư̮ Aperture, vena caval, in diaphragm|̮ Artery (arteries), intercostal|Ͼư̮ Bone(s), rib(s), 10th| Bone(s), rib(s), head of, ligaments of|ϾƬο Bone(s), rib(s), neck of, ligaments of| Bone(s), sternum, process of, xiphoid|͵ Cavity, pericardial| Cavity, peritoneal|ʢ Cavity, pleural| Crus (Crura), of diaphragm| Diaphragm| Diaphragm, crus of| Diaphragm, crus of, left| Diaphragm, fascia of, inferior| Diaphragm, sternal part of|ζ Diaphragm, vena caval aperture in|̮ Duct(s), thoracic| Esophagus|ƻ Esophagus, part of, abdominal|ʢƻ Fascia(e), diaphragmatic, inferior|ֶ졢()ڶ Fascia(e), endothoracic|졢()ڶ Fascia(e), inferior, of diaphragm|ֶ Ganglion (Ganglia), sympathetic trunk|򴶿д Ligament(s), coronary, of liver|Τδ Ligament(s), falciform|γ Ligament(s), gastrophrenic|ִ߲ Ligament(s), hepatogastric|ΰߴ Ligament(s), of rib, head and neck of| Ligamentum venosum|̮ɺ Liver| Liver, bare area of|̵ Liver| Liver, ligament of, coronary|δ Liver, ligament of, falciform|γ Liver, lobe of, caudate|Τ Liver, lobe of, left|˶Ūκ Liver, lobe of, right|˶Ūα Liver, margin of, anterior|Τ Liver| Lung(s)| Lung(s), left| Lung(s), margin of, inferior, left lung|٤β Lung(s), margin of, inferior, right lung| Lymph nodes, mediastinal, posterior|ij֥ Membrane, phrenicoesophageal|ֿƻ Mucosa, of stomach|ߤǴ Muscle(s), intercostal, external|Ͼֶ Muscle(s), intercostal, internal|Ͼֶ Muscle(s), transversus thoracis| Nerve(s), intercostal|Ͼֿ Nerve(s), splanchnic, greater|¢ Nerve(s), splanchnic, lesser|¢ Omentum, greater| Orifice, cardiac, of stomach|ʮ Pericardial cavity| Peritoneal cavity|ʢ Peritoneum, parietal|¦ʢ Peritoneum, visceral|¡¦ʢ Pleura, costal|Ͼ(ʤ) Pleura, diaphragmatic|(ʤ) Pleura, recess of, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Pleura, recess of, costomediastinal|Ͼijƶ Pleura, visceral|¡¦ Pleural, cavity| Recess, costodiaphragmatic|ֽijƶ Recess, costomediastinal|Ͼijƶ Spleen|¡ Stomach| Stomach, cardiac orifice of|ߤʮ Stomach, mucosa of|ߤǴ Stomach, wall of, layers of| Sympathetic trunk ganglia|򴶿дο Trunk, sympathetic|򴶿д Vein(s), azygos|̮ Vein(s), hepatic|Τ̮ Vein(s), intercostal|Ͼ̮ Vein(s), portal|̮ Vein(s), portal, branches of| Vena cava, inferior|̮ Vena caval aperture, in diaphragm|̮ Vessels, intercostal|Ͼư̮ Xiphoid process, of sternum|η͵