Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 331: Transverse Section Through the Abdominal at the Level of the Body of the Second Lumbar Vertebra
    Abdomen|ʢ Abdomen, section of, transverse, at L-2|2ǥ٥β Ampulla, of duodenum|IJ Antrum, pyloric|ͩƶ Aorta|ư̮ Artery (arteries), gastroduodenal|߽IJư̮ Artery (arteries), mesenteric, superior|IJư̮ Artery (arteries), renal|ư̮ Bile duct, common| Bulb, of duodenum (1st part)|IJ Bursa(e), omental|ǹ Calyx (Calyces), renal| Capsule, fibrous, of kidney| Cavity, peritoneal|ʢ Cavity, pleural| Colon, ascending|ԷIJ Colon, flexure of, splenic|磶(IJ) Cortex, renal| Diaphragm| Diaphragm, lumbar part| Duct(s), bile, common| Duct(s), thoracic| Duodenojejunal flexure|IJIJ Duodenum|IJ Duodenum, 1st part (superior)|() Duodenum, 1st part (superior), ampulla of| Duodenum, 2nd part (descending)|() Fascia(e), renal|ն Fat, pararenal|ն쳰λȿ Fat, perirenal|ջ Flexure, colic, left (splenic)|IJʡ磶 Flexure, duodenojejunal|IJIJ Gall bladder|ǹ Gall bladder, coat of, serous| Gall bladder, mucosa of| Ganglion (Ganglia), celiac|ʢп Kidney|¡ Kidney, artery and vein of| Kidney, calyx (calyces) of| Kidney, capsule of, fibrous| Kidney, cortex of|¡ Kidney, lymph nodes of| Kidney, pelvis of| Kidney, pyramid (medulla) of|տΡԿ Ligament(s), coronary, of liver|Τδ Ligament(s), falciform|γ Ligament(s), gastrocolic|߷IJ Ligament(s), gastrosplenic|磴 Ligament(s), lienorenal|磿ӡ磿մ Ligament(s), lumbocostal| Ligament(s), round, of liver|αߺ Liver| Liver, calyx of| Liver, capsule of, fibrous| Liver| Liver, ligament of, coronary|δ Liver, ligament of, round|αߺ Liver, lobe of, left|˶Ūκ Liver, lobe of, right|˶Ūα Liver| Lymph nodes, aortic|ư̮() Lymph nodes, pancreatic| Lymph nodes, renal|դΥ Lymph nodes, splenic| Mesocolon, transverse|ԷIJ Muscle(s), erector spinae|쵯Ω Muscle(s), psoas major| Muscle(s), pyloric sphincter|ͩ Muscle(s), quadratus lumborum| Muscle(s), rectus abdominis|ʢľ Muscle(s), sphincter, pyloric|ͩ Nerve(s), iliohypogastric|IJʢ Nerve(s), splanchnic, greater|¢ Omentum, greater| Pancreas|¡ Pancreas, tail of| Pelvis, renal| ԹפǤϤʤ Peritoneal cavity|ʢ Peritoneum|ʢ Peritoneum, diaphragmatic|(ʤ)ʢ Peritoneum, parietal|¦ʢ Peritoneum, visceral|¡¦ʢ Pleura, costal|Ͼ(ʤ) Pleura, diaphragmatic|(ʤ) Pleural, cavity| Plexus, venous (plexus), biliary|ƻ̮ Pyloric antrum|ͩƶ Pyramid(s), renal| Renal calyx| Renal cortex| Renal pelvis| Renal pyramid|տ Sheath(s), of rectus abdominis muscle|ʢľھ Spleen|¡ Stomach, wall of, layers of| Vein(s), azygos|̮ Vein(s), mesenteric, inferior|IJ̮ Vein(s), mesenteric, superior|IJ̮ Vein(s), renal|̮ Vein(s), renal, left| Vein(s), renal, right| Vein(s), splenic|̮ Vena cava, inferior|̮ Vertebra(e), lumbar, process of, articular, inferior|͵ Vertebra(e), lumbar, process of, articular, superior|͵ Vertebra(e), lumbar, process of, costal|Ͼ͵ Vertebra(e), lumbar, process of, spinous|͵ Vertebra(e), lumbar, 1st|裱