Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 352: The Erectile Bodies of the Penis Attached to the Bladder and Other Organs by the Membranous Urethra
    Ampulla, of vas deferens| Artery (arteries), epigastric, inferior|ʢư̮ Artery (arteries), iliac, external|IJư̮ Artery (arteries), umbilical|ư̮ Bladder, urinary, apex of| Bladder, urinary, body of| Bladder, urinary, fundus of| Bulb, of penis|Ǣ̵ Corona, of glans penis| Corpus cavernosum penis|Գ Corpum spongiosum penis|Ǣƻ Crus (Crura), of penis|Ե Duct(s), ejaculatory| Duct(s), of vesicle, seminal|ǹ Fold(s), umbilical, medial|¦ҥ Fold(s), umbilical, median|ҥ Fundus, of bladder| Genitalia, male| Gland(s), bulbourethral|()Ǣƻ Gland(s), prostate|Ω Glans penis|ԵƬ Glans penis, corona of| Ligament(s), inguinal|ͷ¿ Penis, bulb of| Penis, corpus cavernosum|Գ Penis, corpus spongiosum|Ǣƻ Penis, erectile bodies of| Peritoneum|ʢ Peritoneum, rectouterine pouch|ľIJҵ(饹) Peritoneum, retovesical pouch|ľIJ Pouch, rectouterine|ľIJҵ Pouch, rectovesical|ľIJ Pubis, ramus of, inferior| Pubis, ramus of, superior| Ramus (Rami), of pubis, inferior ramus|ѹ Ramus (Rami), of pubis, superior ramus|ѹ Seminal vesicle|ǹ Sulcus (Sulci), for corpus spongiosum penis| Umbilical fold, medial|¦ҥ Umbilical fold, median|ҥ Urachus|Ǣɡ԰ġ Ureter, left| Ureter, right| Urethra, male|Ǣƻ Urethra, membranous|Ǣƻ Vas deferens| Vas deferens, ampulla of| Vein(s), epigastric, inferior|ʢ̮ Vein(s), iliac, external|IJ̮ Vesicle, seminal|ǹ