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Fig. 38: The Distribution of Cutaneous Nerves, Anterior Aspect of the Right Upper Extremity
    Arm|上腕 Arm, nerves of|上腕の神経 Cutaneous nerves, distribution of, in upper extremity|上肢の皮神経分布 Forearm, nerves of|前腕の神経 Forearm, nerves of, cutaneous|前腕の皮神経 Hand|手 Hand, nerves of|手の神経 Hand, nerves of, cutaneous|手の皮神経 Hand, palm of|手掌 Hand, palm of, nerves of|訳語 Nerve(s), cutaneous, antebrachial, lateral|外側前腕皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, antebrachial, medial|内側前腕皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, antebrachial, medial, anterior branch|前枝 Nerve(s), cutaneous, antebrachial, medial, ulnar branch|尺側枝 Nerve(s), cutaneous, brachial, lateral, axillary branch|外側上腕皮神経、腋窩枝 Nerve(s), cutaneous, brachial, medial|内側上腕皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, brachial, posterior|後上腕皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, distribution of, in upper extremity|上肢の皮神経分布 Nerve(s), digital, of hand|手指の神経 Nerve(s), digital, of hand, palmar branch, common|総掌側指神経 Nerve(s), digital, of hand, palmar branch, proper|固有掌側指神経 Nerve(s), median|正中神経 Nerve(s), median, palmar branch|手掌枝 Nerve(s), of upper extremity, cutaneous|上肢の皮下の神経 Nerve(s), radial|橈骨神経 Nerve(s), radial, superficial branch|浅枝 Nerve(s), ulnar, palmar branch|(非)掌側枝 Palm, of hand|手掌 Palm, nerves of|手掌の神経 Ramus (Rami), of ulnar and median nerves, cutaneous ramus|《ramusよりもbranchの方が適当》尺骨神経・正中神経の皮枝