Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 387: The Musculature of the Floor of the Female Pelvis, Viewed from the Interior or Perineal Aspect
    Acetabulum| Anus| Bone(s), coccyx| Bone(s), ilium|IJ Bone(s), ilium, crest of|IJ Bone(s), sacrum| Canal(s), pudendal|д Fascia(e), inferior, of urogenital diaphragm|Ǣ Fascia(e), obturator, in perineum|񱢤ˤĺ Genitalia, female| Ligament(s), acetabular, transverse| Ligament(s), anococcygeal| Ligament(s), arcuate, of pubis| Ligament(s), perineal, transverse| Ligament(s), pubic, arcuate| Ligament(s), sacrotuberous| Muscle(s), anal sphincter, external| Muscle(s), coccygeus| Muscle(s), levator ani| Muscle(s), levator ani, iliococcygeus part|IJ Muscle(s), levator ani, pubococcygeus part|ѹ Muscle(s), obturator internus|ĺ Muscle(s), perineal, transverse, deep|񱢲 Muscle(s), perineal, superficial|񱢲 Muscle(s), sphincter, urethral|Ǣƻ Muscle(s), sphincter, vaginal|絳 Muscle(s), sphincter ani, external| Muscle(s), transverse perineal, deep|񱢲 Muscle(s), transverse perineal, superficial|񱢲 Pelvis, female| Pelvis, muscular floor of| Perineum, central tendinous point of|濴 Spine(s), iliac, anterior inferior|IJ Spine(s), iliac, anterior superior|IJ Spine(s), iliac, posterior superior|IJ Spine(s), ischial, anterior inferior| Symphysis pubis|ѹ Tendon(s), of obturator internus|ĺڤ Tubercle, pubic|ѹ Tuberosity, ischial|