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Fig. 409:Cutaneous Fields Supplied by the Femoral Nerve and Its Saphenous Branch
    Cutanenus nerve fields, in leg and foot|下腿と足の皮神経分布 Cutanenus nerve fields, in the thigh|大腿の皮神経分布 Cutanenus nerve fields, of femoral nerve and its saphenous branch|大腿神経と伏在神経の皮神経分布 Foot, cutaneous nerve fields of|足の皮神経 Leg, cutaneous nerve fields of, femoral nerve|訳語 Nerve(s), cutaneous, femoral, anterior|大腿神経前皮枝 Nerve(s), cutaneous, femoral, medial|(非)大腿神経の内側皮枝 Nerve(s), femoral, cutaneous nerve fields of, in leg and thigh|大腿神経の皮枝の分布 Nerve(s), saphenous|伏在神経 Thigh, nerve fields of, cutaneous|大腿の皮神経分布