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Fig. 413:Surface anatomy of the Right Lower Limb, posterior View
    Bone(s), calcaneus, tuberosity of|踵骨隆起 Foot, sole of, surface anatomy of|訳語 Fossa, popliteal|膝窩 Leg, surface anatomy of, posterior|訳語 Malleolus, lateral|外果 Malleolus, medial|内果 Muscle(s), abductor digiti minimi, of foot|(足の)小指外転筋 Muscle(s), abductor hallucis|(足の)母指外転筋 Muscle(s), adductor magnus|大内転筋 Muscle(s), biceps femoris, long head of|長頭 Muscle(s), biceps femoris, short head of|短頭 Muscle(s), gastrocnemius, lateral head of|外側頭 Muscle(s), gastrocnemius, medial head of|内側頭 Muscle(s), gluteus maximus|大殿筋 Muscle(s), semimembranosus|半膜様筋 Muscle(s), tensor fasciae latae|大腿筋膜張筋 Sulcus (Sulci), gluteal|訳語 Tendon(s), calcaneal|アキレス腱、踵骨腱 Thigh, surface anatomy of|大腿の体表解剖 Tuberosity, calcaneal|踵骨隆起