Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 446: Anterior View of the Right Knee Joint, Opened from the Front to Expose the Ligaments and Menisci
    Articular capsule, of knee joint|ɨδ Bone(s), femur, body of| Bone(s), femur, condyle of, lateral|¦ Bone(s), femur, condyle of, medial|¦ Bone(s), femur, epicondyle of, lateral|¦ Bone(s), femur, epicondyle of, medial|¦ Bone(s), femur, surface of, patellar|ɨȴ Bone(s), fibula, head of|礹Ƭ Bone(s), fibula, head of, ligament of, anterior| Bone(s), patella|ɨ Bone(s), patella, apex of|ɨ Bone(s), patella, base of|ɨ Bone(s), patella, surface of, posterior, ridge of| Bone(s), tibia| Bone(s), tibia, condyle of, lateral|¦ Bone(s), tibia, condyle of, medial|¦ Bone(s), tibia, tubercle of, intercondylar, 148. See also Thorax, lateral| Bone(s), tibia, tubercle of, intercondylar, medial| Bone(s), tibia, tuberosity of| Bursa(e), infrapatellar, deep| Joint(s), knee|ɨ Joint(s), knee, menisci of|Ⱦ Joint(s), knee, view of, anterior| Ligament(s), anterior, of head of fibula| Ligament(s), collateral, fibular| Ligament(s), collateral, tibial| Ligament(s), cruciate, anterior|(ɨ) Ligament(s), fibular collateral| Ligament(s), of fibula, head of| Ligament(s), tibial collateral| Ligament(s), transverse, of knee| Ligamentum patellae|ɨ Line, condylopatellar, lateral| Line, condylopatellar, medial| Meniscus, lateral|¦Ⱦ Meniscus, lateral, femoral, surface of| Meniscus, medial|¦Ⱦ Meniscus, medial, site of attachment on tibial plateau| Muscle(s), vastus lateralis|¦ Muscle(s), vastus medialis|¦ Retinaculum, patellar, lateral| Retinaculum, patellar, medial| Tendon(s), of rectus femoris muscle|ľڤ Tendon(s), of vastus intermedius muscle|(ܻƬڤ)ֹڤ Tubercle, intercondylar, of tibia|