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Fig. 453: The Condyles of the Right Tibia (from Above), Showing the Menisci and the Origins of the Cruciate Ligaments
    Bone(s), tibia, condyle of, lateral|外側顆 Bone(s), tibia, condyle of, medial|内側顆 Bone(s), tibia, condyles of, showing menisci, 148. See also Thorax, and origins of cruciate ligaments|訳語 Bursa(e), infrapatellar|訳語 Joint(s), knee|膝関節 Joint(s), knee, menisci of|関節半月 Ligament(s), cruciate, anterior|(膝の)前十字靭帯 Ligament(s), cruciate, origins of|訳語 Ligament(s), cruciate, posterior|(膝の)後十字靭帯 Ligament(s), genicular, transverse|訳語 Ligament(s), patellar|膝蓋靭帯 Meniscus|関節半月 Meniscus, lateral|外側関節半月 Meniscus, medial|内側関節半月