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Fig. 459: Frontal Section of the Right Knee Joint and the Superior Tibiofibular Joint
    Articular capsule, of knee joint|膝関節の関節包 Articular capsule, of tibiofibular joint|脛腓(けいひ)靭帯結合の関節包 Bone(s), femur, condyle of, lateral|外側顆 Bone(s), femur, condyle of, medial|内側顆 Bone(s), femur, fossa, intercondylar|顆間窩 Bone(s), femur, line of, epiphysial, distal|遠位骨端線 Bone(s), femur, surface of, meniscofemoral|関節半月と関節面 Bone(s), fibula, head of|腓骨頭 Bone(s), tibia, condyle of, lateral|外側顆 Bone(s), tibia, condyle of, medial|内側顆 Bone(s), tibia, line of, epiphysial, 148. See also Thorax, proximal|訳語 Bone(s), tibia, surface of, meniscotibial|訳語 Bone(s), tibia, tubercle of, intercondylar, medial|訳語 Bursa(e), of tibial collateral ligament, deep to|訳語 Fossa, intercondylar|顆間窩 Joint(s), knee|膝関節 Joint(s), knee, capsule of, articular|膝関節の関節包 Joint(s), knee, section of, frontal|膝関節の前頭断 Joint(s), tibiofibular, superior|訳語 Joint(s), tibiofibular, superior, capsule of, articular|訳語 Ligament(s), collateral, fibular|訳語 Ligament(s), collateral, tibial|訳語 Ligament(s), cruciate, anterior|(膝の)前十字靭帯 Ligament(s), cruciate, occupying intercondylar fossa|訳語 Ligament(s), cruciate, posterior|(膝の)後十字靭帯 Ligament(s), fibular collateral|訳語 Ligament(s), tibial collateral|訳語 Membrane, synovial|滑膜 Meniscus, lateral|外側関節半月 Meniscus, lateral, femoral, surface of|訳語 Meniscus, medial|内側関節半月 Meniscus, medial, tibial surface of|訳語 Tubercle, intercondylar, of tibia|訳語