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Fig. 468: Superficial Nerves and Veins of the Dorsal Right Foot
    Arch(es), venous, dorsal, of foot|足背静脈弓 Bone(s), patella|膝蓋骨 Foot, dorsal, muscles and tendons of|訳語 Foot, dorsal, nerves of, superficial|訳語 Foot, dorsal, veins of, superficial|訳語 Malleolus, lateral|外果 Malleolus, medial|内果 Nerve(s), cutaneous, crural, medial|下腿内側の皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, dorsal, lateral|(非)外側足背皮神経 Nerve(s), cutaneous, sural|腓腹神経 Nerve(s), digital, of foot|足指の神経 Nerve(s), peroneal, deep|深腓骨神経分布 Nerve(s), peroneal, superficial|浅腓骨神経分布 Nerve(s), saphenous|伏在神経 Retinaculum, extensor, of foot|(足の)伸筋支帯 Vein(s), digital, dorsal, of foot|足背の指の静脈 Vein(s), marginal, lateral, of foot|訳語 Vein(s), saphenous, great|大伏在静脈 Vein(s), saphenous, small|小伏在静脈 Vein(s), superficial, of foot, dorsal|足背の皮静脈