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Fig. 473: Muscles of the Posterior Leg: Superficial Calf Muscles 
    Aponeurosis, of gastrocnemius muscle|腓腹筋の腱膜 Bone(s), calcaneus, tuberosity of|踵骨隆起 Fascia(e), crural|下腿筋膜 Fossa, popliteal|膝窩 Leg, compartment of, posterior, muscles of|下腿の屈筋 Muscle(s), biceps femoris|大腿二頭筋 Muscle(s), calf|ふくらはぎの筋 Muscle(s), gastrocnemius, lateral head of|外側頭 Muscle(s), gracilis|薄筋 Muscle(s), plantaris|足底筋 Muscle(s), semimembranosus|半膜様筋 Muscle(s), semitendinosus|半腱様筋 Muscle(s), soleus|ヒラメ筋 Tendon(s), Achilles|アキレス腱、踵骨腱 Tendon(s), calcaneal|アキレス腱、踵骨腱 Tendon(s), of plantaris muscle|足底筋の腱 Tendon(s), of semimembranosus muscle|半膜様筋の腱 Tendon(s), of semitendinosus muscle|半腱様筋の腱 Tuberosity, calcaneal|踵骨隆起