Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 475: Nerves and Vessels of the Posterior Leg: Superficial Layer
    Arch(es), tendinous, of soleus muscle|ҥڤε秵 Leg, posterior, nerves of| Leg, posterior, vessels of| Malleolus, lateral| Muscle(s), biceps femoris|Ƭ Muscle(s), gastrocnemius|ʢ Muscle(s), gastrocnemius, lateral head of|¦Ƭ Muscle(s), gastrocnemius, medial head of|¦Ƭ Muscle(s), peroneus brevis|û礹 Muscle(s), peroneus longus|Ĺ礹 Muscle(s), semimembranosus|ȾͶ Muscle(s), semitendinosus|ȾͶ Muscle(s), soleus|ҥ Nerve(s), genicular|()ɨο Nerve(s), tibial| Retinaculum, flexor, of foot|(­)ڻ Retinaculum, peroneal, superior|礹ڻ Tendon(s), calcaneal|쥹秡 Tendon(s), of plantaris muscle|­ڤ Tendon(s), of tibialis posterior muscle|ڤ Vein(s), popliteal|ɨ̮ Vein(s), saphenous, small|̮ Vein(s), tibial, posterior|̮ Vessels, sural|ʢư̮ Vessels, tibial, posterior|ư̮