Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 49: Muscles of the Right Shoulder and Arm(Anterior View)
    Aponeurosis, bicipital|Ƭ Arm, muscles of|Ӥζ Articular capsule, of shoulder joint|δ Bone(s), clavicle| Bone(s), humerus|ӹ Bone(s), humerus, epicondyle of, medial|¦ Bone(s), scapula, process of, coracoid|()͵ Bursa(e), between pectoralis major and long tendon of biceps|綻ڤȾƬĹƬ秤δ֤γ Bursa(e), subcoracoid| Bursa(e), subdeltoid| Joint(s), shoulder, capsule of, articular|δ Lacertus fibrosus| Ligament(s), conoid| Ligament(s), coracoclavicular| Ligament(s), scapular, superior|ò Ligament(s), trapezoid|ɩ Muscle(s), biceps brachii|Ƭ Muscle(s), biceps brachii, long head of|ĹƬ Muscle(s), biceps brachii, short head of|ûƬ Muscle(s), brachialis|Ӷ Muscle(s), coracobrachialis|()Ӷ Muscle(s), deltoid|Ѷ Muscle(s), flexor carpi radialis|¦꺬 Muscle(s), latissimus dorsi|ض Muscle(s), levator scapulae|õ Muscle(s), omohyoid| Muscle(s), pectoralis major|綻 Muscle(s), pectoralis minor| Muscle(s), pronator teres|߲ Muscle(s), rhomboid major|ɩ Muscle(s), rhomboid minor|ɩ Muscle(s), serratus anterior| Muscle(s), subscapularis|ò Muscle(s), supraspinatus| Muscle(s), teres major|߶ Muscle(s), triceps|ӻƬ Muscle(s), triceps, lateral head|ӻƬڤγ¦Ƭ Muscle(s), triceps, long head|ӻƬڤĹƬ Muscle(s), triceps, medial head|ӻƬڤ ¦Ƭ Septum (Septa), intermuscular, upper limb| Sulcus (Sulci), bicipital, medial|¦ӹ ɽ Tendon(s), of biceps brachii muscle|Ƭڤ Tendon(s), of latissimus dorsi muscle|ضڤ Tendon(s), of subscapularis muscle|òڤ Tendon(s), of teres major muscle|߶ڤ Tendon sheath(s), of long biceps tendon|ƬĹƬγվ