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Fig. 498: The Sole of the Right Foot: the Third Layer of Plantar Muscles
    Foot, sole of|足底のふくらみ Foot, sole of, muscles of, third layer|訳語 Joint(s), tibiofibular, proximal|脛腓靭帯結合 Ligament(s), calcaneonavicular, plantar, long|長足底靭帯 Muscle(s), abductor digiti minimi, of foot|(足の)小指外転筋 Muscle(s), abductor hallucis|(足の)母指外転筋 Muscle(s), adductor hallucis, oblique head of|斜頭 Muscle(s), adductor hallucis, transverse head of|横頭 Muscle(s), flexor digiti minimi brevis, of foot|(足の)短小指屈筋 Muscle(s), flexor digitorum brevis|(足の)短指屈筋 Muscle(s), flexor hallucis brevis|(足の)短母指屈筋 Muscle(s), interossei, plantar|底側骨間筋 Muscle(s), opponens digiti minimi, of foot|(足の)小指対立筋 Muscle(s), quadratus plantae|足底方形筋 Sole, of foot|ふくらはぎ Sole, arteries of, muscles of|訳語 Tendon(s), of flexor digitorum brevis, muscle|(足の)短指屈筋の腱 Tendon(s), of flexor digitorum longus, muscle|(足の)長指屈筋の腱 Tendon(s), of lumbrical, muscles, of foot|(足の)虫様筋の腱 Tendon(s), of peroneus longus muscle|長腓骨筋の腱 Tendon(s), of tibialis posterior muscle|後脛骨筋の腱