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Fig. 513: Ligaments on the Plantar Surface of the Right Foot(Superficial)
    Bone(s), calcaneus, tuberosity of|踵骨隆起 Bone(s), cuneiform of foot|楔状骨(けつじょうこつ) Bone(s), metatarsal, base of|中足骨底 Bone(s), metatarsal, tuberosity of|訳語 Bone(s), navicular, tuberosity of|舟状骨結節 Foot, ligaments of|足の靭帯 Foot, plantar aspect, ligaments of, superficial|訳語 Ligament(s), calcaneocuboid|訳語 Ligament(s), calcaneofibular|踵腓(しょうひ)靭帯 Ligament(s), calcaneonavicular|訳語 Ligament(s), calcaneonavicular, plantar, long|長足底靭帯 Ligament(s), calcaneonavicular, plantar, superficial|訳語 Ligament(s), cuboideonavicular|訳語 Ligament(s), cuneonavicular|訳語 Ligament(s), deltoid|三角靭帯 Ligament(s), metatarsal, transverse, superficial|浅横中足靭帯 Ligament(s), of foot|訳語 Ligament(s), tarsometatarsal|訳語 Retinaculum, peroneal, superior|上腓骨筋支帯 Sulcus (Sulci), for flexor hallucis longus tendon|(足の)長母指屈筋腱が通る溝 Sulcus (Sulci), for peroneus longus tendon|訳語 Sustentaculum tali|載距突起 Tuberosity, calcaneal|踵骨隆起 Tuberosity, of 5th metatarsal bone|第5中足骨の粗面 Tuberosity, of navicular bone|足の舟状骨の結節
Fig. 514: The Plantar Calcaneonavicular Ligament and the Insertions of Three Tendons(Right Foot)
    Bone(s), calcaneus, tuberosity of|踵骨隆起 Foot, ligaments of|足の靭帯 Joint(s), metatarsophalangeal|訳語 Ligament(s), calcaneocuboid|訳語 Ligament(s), calcaneonavicular, plantar|訳語 Ligament(s), cuboideonavicular|訳語 Ligament(s), intermetatarsal, plantar|訳語 Ligament(s), metatarsal, transverse, deep|深横中足靭帯 Ligament(s), tarsal, plantar|訳語 Ligament(s), tarsometatarsal|訳語 Sulcus (Sulci), for peroneus longus tendon|訳語 Tendon(s), of peroneus brevis muscle|短腓骨筋の腱 Tendon(s), of peroneus longus muscle|長腓骨筋の腱 Tendon(s), of tibialis anterior muscle|前脛骨筋の腱 Tendon(s), of tibialis posterior muscle|後脛骨筋の腱 Tuberosity, calcaneal|踵骨隆起