Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 514: The Plantar Calcaneonavicular Ligament and the Insertions of Three Tendons(Right Foot)
    Bone(s), calcaneus, tuberosity of|δ Foot, ligaments of|­ο Joint(s), metatarsophalangeal| Ligament(s), calcaneocuboid| Ligament(s), calcaneonavicular, plantar| Ligament(s), cuboideonavicular| Ligament(s), intermetatarsal, plantar| Ligament(s), metatarsal, transverse, deep|­ Ligament(s), tarsal, plantar| Ligament(s), tarsometatarsal| Sulcus (Sulci), for peroneus longus tendon| Tendon(s), of peroneus brevis muscle|û礹ڤ Tendon(s), of peroneus longus muscle|Ĺ礹ڤ Tendon(s), of tibialis anterior muscle|ڤ Tendon(s), of tibialis posterior muscle|ڤ Tuberosity, calcaneal|δ