Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 52: Posterior View of the Clavicle, Scapula and Humerus Showing Muscle Attachments
    Bone(s), clavicle|鎖骨 Bone(s), humerus|上腕骨 Bone(s), humerus, foramen of, nutrient|栄養孔 Bone(s), scapula|肩甲骨 Bone(s), scapula, view of, posterior|訳語 Foramen (Foramina), nutrient, of humerus|上腕骨の栄養孔 Muscle(s), anconeus|肘筋 Muscle(s), brachialis|上腕筋 Muscle(s), brachioradialis|腕橈骨筋 Muscle(s), deltoid|三角筋 Muscle(s), extensor carpi radialis brevis|短橈側手根伸筋 Muscle(s), extensor carpi radialis, longus|長橈側手根伸筋 Muscle(s), extensor carpi ulnaris|尺側手根伸筋 Muscle(s), extensor digitorum, of forearm|指伸筋 Muscle(s), infraspinatus|棘下筋 Muscle(s), latissimus dorsi|広背筋 Muscle(s), levator scapulae|肩甲挙筋 Muscle(s), omohyoid|肩甲舌骨筋 Muscle(s), pectoralis major|大胸筋 Muscle(s), rhomboid major|大菱形筋 Muscle(s), rhomboid minor|小菱形筋 Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|胸鎖乳突筋 Muscle(s), sternohyoid|胸骨舌骨筋 Muscle(s), subclavius|鎖骨下筋 Muscle(s), supraspinatus|棘上筋 Muscle(s), teres major|大円筋 Muscle(s), teres minor|小円筋 Muscle(s), trapezius|僧帽筋 Muscle(s), triceps, lateral head|上腕三頭筋の外側頭 Muscle(s), triceps, long head|上腕三頭筋の長頭 Muscle(s), triceps, medial head|上腕三頭筋の 内側頭 Septum (Septa), intermuscular, upper limb|上肢の
Fig. 84: The Left Humerus
    Bone(s), humerus|上腕骨 Bone(s), humerus, capitulum of|上腕骨小頭 Bone(s), humerus, epicondyle of, lateral|上腕外側上顆 Bone(s), humerus, epicondyle of, medial|上腕内側上顆 Bone(s), humerus, foramen of, nutrient|栄養孔 Bone(s), humerus, fossa of, coronoid|鈎突窩(こうとつか) Bone(s), humerus, fossa of, radial|橈骨窩 Bone(s), humerus, neck of, anatomical|解剖頚 Bone(s), humerus, sulcus of, intertubercular|結節間溝 Bone(s), humerus, trochlea of|上腕骨滑車 Bone(s), humerus, tubercle of, greater|大結節 Bone(s), humerus, tubercle of, lesser|小結節 Bone(s), humerus, tubercle of, crest of|訳語 Bone(s), humerus, tubcrosity of, deltoid|三角筋粗面 Capitulum, of humerus|上腕骨小頭 Foramen (Foramina), nutrient, of humerus|上腕骨の栄養孔 Fossa, coronoid, of humerus|上腕骨の鈎突窩(こうとつか) Fossa, radial, of humerus|訳語 Sulcus (Sulci), intertubercular, of humerus|訳語 Trochlea, of humerus|上腕骨滑車 Tubercle, greater, of humerus|上腕骨の大結節 Tubercle, lesser, of humerus|上腕骨の小結節 Tuberosity, deltoid, of humerus|三角筋粗面