Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 524: Muscles of the Back: Intermediate Layer(Left), Deep Layer(right)
    Acromion|٨ Aponeurosis, of latissimus dorsi muscle|ضڤ Back, muscles of|ζ Back, muscles of, deep| Back, muscles of, intermediate layer| Bone(s), clavicle| Bone(s), rib(s), 1st| Bone(s), scapula, acromion of| Fascia(e), gluteal|ζ Fascia(e), thoracolumbar, lumbar part of|ι Fascia(e), thoracolumbar, thoracic part of|ζ Ligament(s), nuchal| Muscle(s), deltoid|Ѷ Muscle(s), erector spinae|쵯Ω Muscle(s), external oblique|ʢж Muscle(s), gluteus maximus|¶ Muscle(s), iliocostalis thoracis|IJϾ Muscle(s), infraspinatus| Muscle(s), internal oblique|ʢж Muscle(s), latissimus dorsi|ض Muscle(s), levator scapulae|õ Muscle(s), longissimus thoracis|Ĺ Muscle(s), masseter| Muscle(s), oblique, external|ʢж Muscle(s), oblique, internal|ʢж Muscle(s), omohyoid| Muscle(s), rhomboid major|ɩ Muscle(s), rhomboid minor|ɩ Muscle(s), scalenus medius|гѶ Muscle(s), scalenus posterior|гѶ Muscle(s), semispinalis capitis|ƬȾ Muscle(s), serratus anterior| Muscle(s), serratus posterior inferior| Muscle(s), spinalis thoracis| Muscle(s), splenius capitis|Ƭľ Muscle(s), splenius cervicis|ľ Muscle(s), supraspinatus| Muscle(s), teres major|߶ Muscle(s), teres minor|߶ Muscle(s), trapezius|˹ Muscle(s), triceps|ӻƬ Triangle(s), lumbar|