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Fig. 568: Spinal Cord with Nerve Roots
    Facet(s), (articular), of vertebra, for head of rib|肋骨頭との関節面 Filaments, dorsal root|脊髄神経後根の根糸 Filaments, ventral root|脊髄神経前根の根糸 Fissure, median, anterior,of spinal cord|脊髄の前正中溝 Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal|脊髄神経節(後根神経節) Nerve(s), spinal|脊髄神経 Spinal cord, fissure of, anterior median|前正中溝 Spinal cord, sulcus of, anterolateral|訳語 Spinal cord, with nerve roots|脊髄神経根と脊髄 Sulcus (Sulci), of spinal cord, anterolateral|訳語