Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 570: Spinal Cord with Dura Mater Dissected Open(Dorsal View)
    Arachnoid| Dura mater| Dura mater, layer of, meningeal| Filaments, dorsal root|Կи庬κ Fissure, median, anterior,of spinal cord|Կ Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal|Կ(庬) Ligament(s), denticulate|λ Meninges|Թ졢졢 Spinal cord|Կ Spinal cord, fissure of, anterior median| Spinal cord, meninges of|Կο Թ졢졢 Spinal cord, sulcus of, posterior median| Sulcus (Sulci), posterior median| Sulcus (Sulci), posterolateral|