Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 571: Meninges of the Spinal Cord Shown at Cervical Level(Transverse Section)
    Arachnoid| Dura mater| Dura mater, layer of, meningeal| Dura mater, layer of, layer of, periosteal|쳰 Epidural space| Epineurium|г Fascia(e), cervical, middle| Ganglion (Ganglia), spinal|Կ(庬) Ligament(s), denticulate|λ Meninges|Թ졢졢 Nerve(s), spinal, ramus of, anterior|Կ Nerve(s), spinal, ramus of, posterior primary|Կи Nerve(s), spinal, root of, ventral|ԿФ Pia mater| Ramus (Rami), of spinal nerve, anterior ramus|Կ Ramus (Rami), of spinal nerve, primary ramus, posterior|Կи Rami communicantes|̻ Root(s), ventral, of spinal nerve|ԿФ Space(s), epidural| Space(s), subarachnoid|첼 Spinal cord, meninges of|Կο Թ졢졢 Subarachnoid space|첼 Vertebra(e), body of, cross section of, containing spinal cord|Կޤಣ Vertebra(e), cervical|
Fig. 633: The Scalp, Skull, Meninges and Brain
    Arachnoid| Arachnoid granulations|γ Artery (arteries), infraorbital|ݲư̮ Bone(s), parietal|Ƭĺ Brain|Ǿ Brain, cortex, cerebral|Ǿ Cerebral cortex|Ǿ Cortex, cerebral| Dermis, of scalp|Ƭο Dura mater| Epidermis, of scalp|(Ƭ) Falx cerebri|Ǿ Galea aponeurotica|˹ Gland(s), sebaceous| Granulations, arachnoid| Meninges|Թ졢졢 Muscle(s), arrector pili| Pia mater| Scalp|Ƭ Scalp, dermis of|Ƭο Sinus(es), sagittal, superior|̮ƶ Skull|Ƭ Space(s), subarachnoid|첼 Spinal cord, meninges of|Կο Թ졢졢 Subarachnoid space|첼 Suture, sagittal|˥ Vein(s), diploic|Ĵ̮ Vein(s), diploic, frontal| Vein(s), emissary|Ƴ̮