Lists of the Captions of the Figures

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Fig. 574: External Features of the Neck Shown in Relation to Underlying Skeletal and Visceral Structures
    Acromion|扁峰 Angle, of mandible|下顎角 Angle, submental|オトガイ下角 Bone(s), clavicle|鎖骨 Bone(s), hyoid, body of|舌骨体 Bone(s), mandible, angle of|下顎角 Bone(s), mandible, body of|下顎体 Bone(s), mandible, process of, condyloid|関節突起 Bone(s), rib(s), 1st|訳語 Bone(s), rib(s), 2nd|訳語 Bone(s), scapula, acromion of|肩峰 Bone(s), scapula, fossa of, supraspinatus|棘上窩(きょくじょうか) Bone(s), scapula, process of, coracoid|烏口(うこう)突起 Bone(s), temporal, process of, mastoid|乳様突起 Bone(s), temporal, process of, styloid|茎状突起 Cartilage(s), cricoid|輪状軟骨 Esophagus|食道 Fossa, retromandibular|(非)下顎後窩 Fossa, submandibular|訳語 Fossa, supraclavicular|(大)鎖骨上窩 Fossa, supraspinatus, of scapula|(肩甲骨の)棘上窩 Gland(s), thyroid, isthmus of|甲状腺の峡 Gnathion|訳語 Isthmus, of thyroid gland|甲状腺の峡部 Line, Reid's base|頭部の基準線 Mastoid process, of temporal bone|訳語 Mental tubercle|訳語 Muscle(s), nuchal|項(うなじ)の筋 Muscle(s), sternocleidomastoid|胸鎖乳突筋 Neck|頚(くび) Neck, features of, external|頚部の外景 Occipital protuberance, external|外後頭隆起 Prominence, laryngeal|喉頭隆起 Protuberance, occipital, external|訳語 Triangle(s), carotid|頚動脈三角 Tubercle, carotid|頚動脈結節 Tubercle, mental|オトガイ結節 Vein(s), facial|顔面静脈 Vein(s), facial, transverse|顔面横静脈 Vertebra prominens|隆椎