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Fig. 6: Lymphangiogram of the Pectoral and Axillary Lymph Nodes
    Bone(s), clavicle|鎖骨 Bone(s), humerus, head of|上腕骨頭 Bone(s), scapula|肩甲骨 Bone(s), scapula, process of, coracoid|烏口(うこう)突起 Bone(s), scapula, tubercle of, infraglenoid|関節下結節 Lymph nodes, axillary|腋窩リンパ節 Lymph nodes, axillary, anterior|訳語 Lymph nodes, infraclavicular|鎖骨下リンパ節 Lymph nodes, of thorax|訳語 Lymph nodes, pectoral|胸筋リンパ節 Lymph nodes, subscapular|訳語 Lymph nodes, supraclavicular|鎖骨上リンパ節 Lymphangiogram, of pectoral and axillary nodes|胸筋リンパ節、腋窩リンパ節のリンパ管造影 Lymphatics, of thorax|胸部のリンパ管系 Thorax, lymphatics of|訳語 Tubercle, infraglenoid|関節下結節