Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 618: The External Carotid Artery and its Branches in the Skull
    Artery (arteries), alveolar, inferior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), alveolar, posterior superior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), angular|ư̮ Artery (arteries), auricular, posterior|弪ư̮ Artery (arteries), auricular, posterior, occipital branch of|弪ư̮θƬ Artery (arteries), buccal|ư̮ Artery (arteries), carotid, common|ư̮ Artery (arteries), carotid, external|ư̮ Artery (arteries), carotid, external, branches in skull|Ƭλ Artery (arteries), carotid, internal|ư̮ Artery (arteries), facial|ư̮ Artery (arteries), facial, transverse|̲ư̮ Artery (arteries), infraorbital|ݲư̮ Artery (arteries), labial, inferior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), labial, superior|忰ư̮ Artery (arteries), lingual|ư̮ Artery (arteries), maxillary|ư̮ Artery (arteries), meningeal, middle|ư̮ Artery (arteries), mental|ȥư̮ Artery (arteries), occipital|Ƭư̮ Artery (arteries), occipital, mastoid branch|ͻ Artery (arteries), occipital, sternocleidomastoid branch|Ͷڻ Artery (arteries), palatine, ascending|Ըư̮ Artery (arteries), palatine, descending|Ըư̮ Artery (arteries), pharyngeal, ascending|԰Ƭư̮ Artery (arteries), sphenopalatine|ijư̮ Artery (arteries), sternocleidomastoid|Ͷڻޡư̮ Artery (arteries), stylomastoid|͹ư̮ Artery (arteries), submental|ȥư̮ Artery (arteries), temporal, deep|¦Ƭư̮ Artery (arteries), temporal, middle|¦Ƭư̮ Artery (arteries), temporal, superficial|¦Ƭư̮ Artery (arteries), thyroid, superior|þư̮ Artery (arteries), zygomatico-orbital|˹ư̮
Fig. 690: Arteries and Nerves of the Nasal Septum
    Arch(es), of atlas, anterior|Ǥ Artery (arteries), ethmoid, anterior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), labial, superior|忰ư̮ Artery (arteries), meningeal, anterior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), nasal, external|()ɡư̮ Artery (arteries), nasopalatine|()ɡư̮ Artery (arteries), of nasal septum|ɡ֤ư̮ Artery (arteries), palatine, greater|ư̮ Atlas, arch of, anterior| Axis, dens of|͵ Axis, process of, odontoid|԰Ūˤdensջ͵ Bulb, olfactory|̵ Cartilage(s), alar, greater, of nose|ɡ Cartilage(s), of auditory tube| Cartilage(s), of nose, septal| Dens, of axis| Gland(s), palatine| Mouth, vestibule of| Muscle(s), levator veli palatini| Muscle(s), of uvula|ζ Muscle(s), orbicularis oris|ض Muscle(s), palatopharyngeus|Ƭ Muscle(s), pharyngeal constrictor, superior|Ƭ̶ Muscle(s), salpingopharyngeus|ɰƬ Nasal vestibule|ɡ Nerve(s), incisive|ڻοС()ɡ Nerve(s), nasal, external|ɡ Nerve(s), nasopalatine|ɡ Nerve(s), olfactory|̿ Nerve(s), olfactory, medial| Nerve(s), septal|ɡ֤ο Network, arterial, nasal septal|ɡ֤ư̮ Nose, external, cartilages of| Nose, septum of|ɡ֤ι Nose, vestibule of|ɡ Olfactory bulb|̵ Olfactory tract|̺ Palate, glands of| Palate, hard|Ÿ Septum (Septa), nasal|ɡ Septum (Septa), nasal, cartilaginous| Sinus(es), frontal|Ƭƶ ɡС Sinus(es), sphenoid|ijƶ ɡС Tonsil(s), pharyngeal|Ƭ٨ Tract, olfactory|̺ Tube, auditory, cartilage of| Uvula, of soft palate| Vestibule, of mouth| Vestibule, of nose|ɡ