Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 635: The Dura Mater and the Middle Meningeal Vessels, Viewed Following a Lateral Exposure of the Cranial Cavity
    Arachnoid granulations|γ Arch(es), zygomatic|˹ Artery (arteries), infraorbital|ݲư̮ Artery (arteries), meningeal, middle|ư̮ Artery (arteries), meningeal, middle, frontal branch|Ƭ Artery (arteries), meningeal, middle, orbital branch|ư̮ݻ Artery (arteries), meningeal, middle, parietal branch|ư̮Ƭĺ Bone(s), frontal|Ƭ Bone(s), parietal|Ƭĺ Bone(s), parietal, diplo _ of|Ĵ Bone(s), parietal, table of, external| Bone(s), parietal, table of, internal| Bone(s), sphenoid, wing of, lesser|(礦褯) Brain, lobe of, frontal|Ƭ Cavity, cranial|Ƭ Cranial cavity|Ƭ Dura mater| Dura mater, lacuna of, lateral|¦ Fat pad, infratemporal|¦Ƭλȿ Galea aponeurotica|˹ Granulations, arachnoid| Lacuna(e), lateral|̮ƶγ¦ Lobe(s), frontal|ǾƬ Muscle(s), occipitalis|Ƭ Muscle(s), temporalis|¦Ƭ Pole(s), of brain frontal| Pole(s), of brain frontal, occipital| Pole(s), of brain frontal, temporal| Scalp|Ƭ Sinus(es), frontal|Ƭƶ ɡС Sinus(es), sagittal, superior|̮ƶ Sulcus (Sulci), cerebral| Suture, coronal|˥ Suture, lambdoidal|˥ Suture, sphenofrontal| Vein(s), meningeal, middle|̮ Vein(s), meningeal, frontal branch| Vein(s), meningeal, orbital branch| Vein(s), meningeal, parietal branch| Vessels, meningeal, middle|ư̮ Wing(s), of sphenoid bone|ij㡦 Zygomatic arch|˹