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Fig. 653: The Eyelids and Lacrimal Gland, Viewed from Within the Orbit
    Angle, of eye, lateral|外眼角 Angle, of eye, medial|内眼角 Artery (arteries), infraorbital|眼窩下動脈 Artery (arteries), lacrimal|涙腺動脈 Artery (arteries), zygomatico-orbital|頬骨眼窩動脈 Cleft, palpebral|眼裂 Conjunctiva, palpebral|眼瞼結膜 Duct(s), of gland, lacrimal|涙腺の導管 Eye, angle of, lateral|外眼角 Eye, angle of, medial|内眼角 Eye, orbit of|眼窩内の、現位置の Eyelid|眼瞼 Eyelid, innervation of, palpebral borders|訳語 Eyelid, innervation of, palpebral cleft|訳語 Eyelid, innervation of, surface of, inner|訳語 Fascia(e), bulbar|訳語 Fascia(e), of eyelid, superficial|眼瞼浅層の筋膜 Fascia(e), superficial, of eyelid|眼瞼浅層の筋膜 Gland(s), lacrimal|涙腺 Gland(s), lacrimal, orbital part of|訳語 Gland(s), lacrimal, palpebral part of|訳語 Nerve(s), lacrimal, branches of|涙腺神経の枝 Orbit|眼窩 Punctum lacrimale|涙点