Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 673: Sagittal View of the Orbital Cavity and Eyeball
    Conjunctiva, fornix of, inferior|߳ Conjunctiva, fornix of, superior|߳ Eye, septum of, orbital|ݳ Eye, tarsi of|Ĥ Eyeball, view of, salgittal| Fascia(e), bulbar| Fascia(e), of inferior oblique muscle|ʢжڤζ Fat pad, orbital|ݻ Fornix, of conjunctiva|߳ Muscle(s), levator palpebrae superioris|۵ Muscle(s), oblique, inferior|жڡԳڡ Muscle(s), ocular| Muscle(s), rectus, inferior|ľڡԳڡ Muscle(s), rectus, superior|ľڡԳڡ Nerve(s), optic| Orbital septum|ݳ Septum (Septa), orbital|ݳ Sheath(s), optic nerve|о Space(s), intervaginal| Tarsus, inferior, of eyelid| Tarsus, superior, of eyelid| Tendon(s), of rectus muscle, inferior|()ľڤ
Fig. 680: Horizontal Section of the Human Eyeball Through the Optic Nerve and Disc
    Angle, iridocorneal|()ѡ()̳ Canal(s), Schlemm's| Chorioid|̮졢()֥ɥ Ciliary body|() Ciliary body, pigmented layer of| Conjunctiva| Cornea| Cornea, epithelium of, anterior| Cornea, membranes of, limiting| Disc, optic|Ƭ Eye, chamber of, anterior|˼ Eye, chamber of, posterior|˼ Eye, chamber of, vitreous|˻δ˼ Eye, space of, intervaginal| Eyeball, diameter of , equatorial| Eyeball, pole of, anterior| Eyeball, pole of, posterior| Eyeball, section of, horizontal| Eyeball, tunic of|[ع] Eyeball, tunic of, middle vascular| Eyeball, tunic of, outer fibrous| Fibers, zonular|Τؾ Intersection, of ocular axis and visual axis| Iridocorneal angle|̳() Iris| Iris, surface of, anterior| Lens, pole of, anterior| Lens, pole of, posterior| Ligament(s), pectinate, at iridocorneal angle| Muscle(s), ciliary|ζ Muscle(s), rectus, medial|(¦)ľڡԳڡ Muscle(s), sphincter, pupillary|Ʒ Optic disc|Ƭ Ora serrata|() Pars iridica retinae| Pars optica retinae| Perichorioidal space| Retina, ciliary part| Retina, pigmented layer of|쿧Ǿ Sclera|() Sclera, cribriform area of| Sheath(s), optic nerve|о Sinus venosus, of sclera| Space(s), intervaginal| Space(s), perichorioidal| Vertex, corneal|