Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 675: Origins of the Ocular Muscles, Apex of Left Orbit
    Air cells, ethmoid|˪㡢˪ Bone(s), frontal|Ƭ Bone(s), sphenoid|ij Cells, air, ethmoid|˪ Ethmoid air cells|˪ Fissure, orbital, orbital, superior| Lacertus, of lateral rectus muscle| Muscle(s), levator palpebrae superioris|۵ Muscle(s), oblique, superior|жڡԳڡ Muscle(s), ocular| Muscle(s), orbitalis|ݶڡʿڡ Muscle(s), rectus, inferior|ľڡԳڡ Muscle(s), rectus, lateral|(¦)ľڡԳڡ Muscle(s), rectus, medial|(¦)ľڡԳڡ Nerve(s), infraorbital|ݲ Nerve(s), oculomotor, inferior branch| Nerve(s), optic| Orbit, apex of| Periorbita|ݹ Periosteum| Ring, tendinous, common, of orbit| Sheath(s), optic nerve|о