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Fig. 682: The Cartilages and Bones of the External Nose
    Bone(s), maxilla, process of, frontal|前頭突起 Bone(s), nasal|鼻骨 Cartilage(s), alar, greater, of nose|大鼻翼軟骨 Cartilage(s), alar, lesser, of nose|小鼻翼軟骨 Cartilage(s), of nose, external|訳語 Cartilage(s), of nose, lateral|訳語 Cartilage(s), of nose, septal|訳語 Crus (Crura), lateral, of greater alar cartilage|訳語 Crus (Crura), medial, of greater alar cartilage|訳語 Frontomaxillary suture|前頭上顎縫合 Nose, external, bones of|外耳の骨格 Nose, external, cartilages of|外耳の軟骨 Septum (Septa), nasal, cartilaginous|訳語 Suture, frontomaxillary|前頭骨と上顎骨の縫合 Suture, frontonasal|前頭骨と鼻骨の縫合 Suture, nasofrontal|訳語 Suture, nasomaxillary|訳語