Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 684: The Bony Lateral Wall of the Right Nasal Cavity
    Bone(s), ethmoid, plate of, cribriform| Bone(s), maxilla, crest of, ethmoidal| Bone(s), maxilla, hiatus of| Bone(s), maxilla, process of, palatine|͵ Bone(s), nasal|ɡ Bone(s), palatine, lamina of, horizontal|ʿ Bone(s), palatine, plate of, perpendicular|ľ Bone(s), sphenoid, body of| Bone(s), sphenoid, process of, pterygoid|͵ Canal(s), incisive|ڻ Concha(e), nasal, inferior|ɡƻ Concha(e), nasal, middle|ɡƻ Concha(e), nasal, superior|ɡƻ Crista galli|ܴ Foramen (Foramina), sphenopalatine|ij Hamulus, pterygoid|ͳ Hiatus, maxillary| Meatus, nasal, inferior|ɡƻ Meatus, nasal, middle|ɡƻ Meatus, nasal, superior|ɡƻ Nasal cavity|ɡ Nasal cavity, lateral wall of|ɡФγ¦ Nose, conchae of|ɡò Palatine process, of maxilla| Plate(s), cribriform of ethmoid bone| Plate(s), perpendicular, of palatine bone| Pterygoid process, of sphenoid bone|ij͵ Sinus(es), sphenoid|ijƶ ɡС Spine(s), nasal, anterior|ɡ