Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[浩浮瑚]      [LAMeN ホ〖ムペ〖ジ]
Fig. 701: The Hard and Soft Palates and the Upper Teeth (seen from Below)
    Canine tooth|磊货、袱货 Fold(s), palatine, transverse|玻庚掣ヒダ Gland(s), palatine|庚掣粒 Incisors|磊货、袱货 Molar teeth|络北货 Palate, folds of, transverse|条胳 Palate, glands of|庚掣粒 Palate, hard|古庚掣 Palate, soft|起庚掣 Papilla(e), incisive|条胳 Premolar teeth|井北货 Raphe, palatine|庚掣衰俐 Tooth(Teeth)|货 Tooth(Teeth), canine|条胳 Tooth(Teeth), incisor|磊货 Tooth(Teeth), molar|络北货 Tooth(Teeth), premolar|井北货