Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[浩浮瑚]      [LAMeN ホ〖ムペ〖ジ]
Fig. 720: The Right Upper and Lower Teeth, Lateral View
    Bone(s), mandible, canal of|布耻瓷 Canal(s), mandibular|布耻瓷 Canaliculus (Canaliculi), alveolar|货铃瓷 Cavity, pulp, of tooth|货狂剐 Fissure, pterygomaxillary|(润)豌仆惧耻析 Foramen (Foramina), mental|オトガイ功 Incisors|磊货、袱货 Incisors, permanent, lower|条胳 Incisors, permanent, upper|条胳 Mental foramen|オトガイ功 Pulp cavity, of tooth|货狂剐 Root(s), of tooth|货含 Septum (Septa), interalveolar|条胳 Septum (Septa), intra-alveolar|条胳 Socket(s), for teeth|货铃 Tooth(Teeth)|货 Tooth(Teeth), crown of|条胳 Tooth(Teeth), incisor|磊货 Tooth(Teeth), incisor, permanent, lower|条胳 Tooth(Teeth), incisor, permanent, upper|条胳 Tooth(Teeth), permanent|笔底货 Tooth(Teeth), pulp cavity of|货狂剐 Tooth(Teeth), roots of|货含 Tooth(Teeth), sockets for|货铃 Tuberosity, maxillary|惧耻裹の疗烫