Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 73: A Brachial Arteriogram Showing the Origins of the Vessels that Supply the Elbow and Forearm
    Arm, arteries of|Ӥư̮ Arm, arteriogram of|Ӥư̮¤ Arteriogram, brachial|ư̮¤ Artery (arteries), brachial|ư̮ Artery (arteries), brachial, profunda|ӿư̮ Artery (arteries), interosseous, anterior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), interosseous, common|ư̮ Artery (arteries), interosseous, posterior|ư̮ Artery (arteries), interosseous, recurrent|ȿư̮ Artery (arteries), profunda brachii|ӿư̮ Artery (arteries), radial|(Ȥ)ư̮ Artery (arteries), radial collateral|¦¦ư̮ Artery (arteries), radial recurrent|¦ȿư̮ Artery (arteries), ulnar|ܹư̮ Artery (arteries), ulnar collateral, inferior|¦¦ư̮ Artery (arteries), ulnar collateral, inferior, superior|¦¦ư̮ Artery (arteries), ulnar recurrent|¦ȿư̮ Sulcus (Sulci), cubital| Vessels, of elbow|ɪư̮ Vessels, of forearm|Ӥư̮