Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 760: The Right Half of the Larynx Showing the Cartilages and the Vestibular and Vocal Ligaments
    Bone(s), hyoid, body of| Bursa(e), subhyoid| Cartilage(s), arytenoid| Cartilage(s), cricoid|ؾ Cartilage(s), of larynx|Ƭ Cartilage(s), thyroid|þ Cartilage(s), thyroid, horn of, superior| Epiglottis|Ƭ Epiglottis, stem of| Gland(s), tracheal| Larynx|Ƭ Larynx, cartilages of|Ƭ Ligament(s), annular, of trachea| Ligament(s), corniculopharyngeal| Ligament(s), cricopharyngeal| Ligament(s), cricothyroid|ؾþ Ligament(s), hyoepiglottic| Ligament(s), thyroepiglottic| Ligament(s), thyrohyoid|þӡþ Ligament(s), tracheal, annular| Ligament(s), vestibular| Ligament(s), vocal| Membrane, thyrohyoid|þ Nerve(s), chorda tympani|ݺ Pharynx|Ƭ Trachea|