Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 774: The Cartilage of the Right External Ear (seen from Front)
    Antihelix|() Bone(s), temporal, part of, tympanic|ݼ Bone(s), temporal, process of, mastoid|͵ Bone(s), temporal, process of, styloid|Ծ͵ Cartilage(s), of ear, external| Ear| Ear, external ear, cartilage, of| Ear, helix of|μ Fossa, scaphoid|ν Helix|μ Incisures, in cartilage of acoustic meatus| Mastoid process, of temporal bone| Nerve(s), chorda tympani|ݺ Spine(s), of helix| Tragus|