Lists of the Captions of the Figures

[Ƹ] [LAMeN ۡڡ]
Fig. 786: Lateral Wall of the Right Middle Ear (Tympanic Membrane Viewed from within the Tympanic Cavity)
    Bone(s), temporal, part of, squamous|¦Ƭ Ear| Ear, malleolar processes of| Ear, middle ear, wall of, lateral| Epitympanic recess|(ݼ)ٱ Fold(s), malleolar| Malleolar processes, of ear|ĥ͵ Manubrium, of malleus|ĥ Membrane, tympanic| Membrane, tympanic, pars flaccida of|д Membrane, tympanic, pars tensa of|ĥ Nerve(s), chorda tympani|ݺ Notch, of Rivinus|Υӥں Notch, tympanic| Opening(s), tympanic, for auditory tube|ɸݼ Pars flaccida, of tympanic membrane|д Pars tensa, of tympanic membrane|ζĥ Recess, epitympanic|ݼξٱ Ring, fibrocartilaginous, of tympanic membrane| Spine(s), tympanic, greater| Spine(s), tympanic, lesser| Tube, auditory, tympanic opening for|ɸݼ Tympanic membrane| Tympanic notch|ں
Fig. 787: Lateral Dissection of the Right Temporal Bone: The Tympanic Membrane, Middle Ear, and Facial Canal
    Artery (arteries), auricular, posterior|弪ư̮ Artery (arteries), tympanic, posterior|ݼư̮ Bone(s), incus, crus of, short|̥û Bone(s), malleus, head of|ĥƬ Bone(s), malleus, process of, lateral|¦͵ Bone(s), temporal|¦Ƭ Bone(s), temporal, crest of, supramastoid| Canal(s), facial|̿д Canal(s), facial, prominence of| Canal(s), semicircular, lateral|Ⱦ Cartilage(s), of acoustic meatus, external|ƻ Crus (Crura), short, of incus| Ear| Ear, middle ear, wall of, lateral| Eminence, arcuate| Fossa, cranial, middle|Ƭ Fossa, cranial, posterior|Ƭ Joint(s), incudomalleolar|ĥ̥ Ligament(s), posterior, of incus| Mastoid notoh| Meatus, acoustic, external|ƻ Meatus, acoustic, cartilage of|ƻ Meatus, acoustic, osseous part of|ƻι Membrane, tympanic| Nerve(s), auricular, posterior|弪 Nerve(s), chorda tympani|ݺ Nerve(s), facial|̿ Nerve(s), facial, auricular branch, posterior|弪СԴ̿Фλޡ Nerve(s), vagus, auricular branch|Фμ Notch, mastoid| Ring, fibrocartilaginous, of tympanic membrane| Root(s), of tympanic cavity| Sinus(es), sigmoid|Ӿ̮ƶ Tegmen tympani|ݼ Tympanic cavity, wall of, medial|ݼ¦ Tympanic membrane| Umbilicus, Umbo| Vein(s), auricular, posterior|弪̮